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Chloe Lukasiak's current relationship with girlfriend Brooklinn Khoury is absolutely adorable.

Here's Everyone Chloé Lukasiak Has Dated

Her current relationship is actually the cutest.

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Since she made her career debut at the tender age of 10 as an original cast member on Dance Moms, Chloé Lukasiak has been through a lot. She left the reality show in 2014 after its fourth season, a move that’s been attributed to the bad blood between her dance coach Abby Lee Miller and her mom, Christi Lukasiak. As a teenager, she dealt with the end of her first serious relationship while still in the public eye. Now, at age 20, she’s opened up about the eating disorders she’s dealt with since leaving Dance Moms behind. But through it all, Lukasiak never lost her signature sunny demeanor — something the world has seen a lot more of lately now that she’s found love with professional skateboarder Brooklinn Khoury.

Lukasiak’s lovestruck glow-up is evident on social media, where she shares snaps and videos of herself and her love out at the farmers market, dressing up as Harry Potter and Dobby the Elf, and just generally being adorable together. But before there was Brooklé (yes, I’m coining that celeb couple name right now), Lukasiak had at least one other public relationship with Disney actor Ricky Garcia, back at age 14.

Lukasiak’s relationship history may be short, but it’s definitely sweet. Here’s everything you need to know about who she’s dated — and why you’ll hopefully be seeing lots more of her current girlfriend in the years to come.

2015-2016: Chloé Lukasiak Dates Ricky Garcia

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Garcia and Lukasiak met at the Radio Disney Music Awards in 2015 and promptly kicked off their youthful romance that lasted less than a year. Garcia, who’s known for his roles on Best Friends Whenever and Bigger Fatter Liar, was 16 at the time, while Lukasiak was 14. When they were together, they shared plenty of details about their relationship online, especially on YouTube where Lukasiak has upwards of 2 million followers. In October 2015, she posted a Q&A video — which now has 4.7 million views — wherein she and Garcia tested each other on how much they knew about the other person. It’s just as gloriously awkward and cute as you’d expect a YouTube video made with your first boyfriend to be. When Seventeen reported that they had broken up in 2016, reps for the two cited their busy schedules as what eventually tore them apart.

"They remain close friends and support one another and want the fans to continue to support them individually, as well," the reps said. "There are no hard feelings, there wasn't any disloyalty, and they ask for the fans to respect their mutual decision and privacy."

2020-Present: She’s In Love With Brooklinn Khoury

While the couple celebrated their first anniversary in November 2021, they only made their relationship IG official in October, when they shared nearly identical posts of themselves all spiffed up together atop some gorgeous seaside cliff. Khoury captioned her post, “My favorite human,” while Lukasiak captioned hers with a single black heart emoji.

The pair had already been posting photos together for months, but these darling posts confirmed their romantic connection. Around the same time, a source told E! News that Lukasiak is feeling “great” and is happy with her skateboarding girlfriend.

And while fans may not have known about the couple until they shared their Instagram posts, the source added that Lukasiak and Khoury are "a great match for each other," confirming that "this is not a new relationship."

The source was hopeful that by making her queer relationship public, Lukasiak was opening the door for other young queer girls to feel comfortable doing the same. "She is still growing and learning who she is, and she knows there are many others out there who are too,” the source told E!. “She knows that there is power in sharing her story and that it could help others who look up to her or could benefit from seeing someone like her living her truth and not hiding who or what makes her happy."

"Chloé has the full support of her loved ones and friends around her," they continued. "They are in love and very sweet together."

In November, Lukasiak organized a special celebratory picnic to honor her girlfriend on the anniversary of a traumatic event she had suffered one year earlier, shortly after the couple first met. On Nov. 3, 2020, Khoury was attacked by a pit bull that tore off edges of her nose and her entire top lip.

Lukasiak shared images from the picnic on her Instagram, captioned: “4 days ago marked 1 year since Brooklinn was attacked by a dog. Despite all the hardship she has experienced [in] the past year, never once has she wavered in being the most incredible human I've ever met."

Khoury posted her own Instagram to commemorate the day, thanking her girlfriend for taking the time “to put together something so special for me on the day that hurt me the most."

"I can't even begin to describe what this meant to me, and how much you mean to me," Khoury wrote. "There are no words to describe Y O U. Happy smile day."

When it comes to love, Lukasiak’s got it right: Sometimes quality really is better than quantity.

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