Apparently What You're Wearing Won't Determine If A Guy Is Sexually Attracted To You

Everyone has "the outfit" they can rely on for a night out to help them out when they're trying to get some nookie.

And if you don't, you're lying.

For example, when I was in college, some variation of a bodycon dress was my trusty go-to if I was trying to hook up with someone that night.

(Spoiler: I did not hook up with anyone that night.)

If my bodycon dress of the night didn't end up panning out for me, I chalked it up to some weird twist of fate. It COULDN'T BE that my go-to outfit failed me. It had to be something else. The boys were weird! I just wasn't in the mood to meet anyone! Something else.

Well, a new study from the University of Kent's School of Psychology is calling BS on the whole "outfit" thing.

Their study supported the idea that what you're wearing makes pretty much no difference on whether or not someone is sexually attracted to you.

How'd they figure this out? Let me break it down for you.

Apparently, a person's pupils dilate whenever they're looking at someone they're sexually attracted to. Knowing this, the researchers in this study used fancy eye-tracking technology to see how people's pupils responded to different images of men and women.

What they found was that people's pupils dilated the same amount when looking at an image of someone they were sexually attracted to, no matter how ~sexy~ their outfit in the photo was.

Other research has shown that there is a slight difference in terms of a genital response when it comes to clothed pictures versus naked pictures, but this particular study saw literally no difference when it came to pupil dilation.

Lukas Korynta

So what's there to be said about that outfit you SWEAR gets you guys every single time you wear it? Well, I'm not a scientist but I have a theory.

You're so confident that you're gonna pull dudes in that outfit, so the confidence you exude in that outfit is actually what seems so hot to the people you're trying to attract — not necessarily the outfit.

So just wear whatever makes you feel the most FLY, and that confidence will always be irresistible.

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