What Your Sexual Aura Color Says About The Kind Of Lover You Are

by Chris Riotta

There's something in the air during that initial moment upon laying eyes on your lover for the first time.

It's almost unexplainable, really: There is absolutely nothing tangible to this feeling, but you can surely sense something else unknown is drawing you to your new love interest.

Something enticing, vivid and grabbing.

This is a sexual aura, revealing itself in its finest form. Science has long tried to explain exactly what is happening during that particular moment we fall in love and our brains seem to suddenly become rewired.

Our focus and attention is entirely set anew in a different perspective.

That perspective involves our sexual auras, outward expressions of one's inner self and sexual emotions, capable of drawing others in.

Sexual auras have been studied and discussed among experts for hundreds of years. Now, they're broken down into cute online quizzes, which you can check out here.

Find out your sexual aura, then check out the colors below to see what your aura reveals about the type of sexual partner you are.

Red: I'll try anything once

If your sexual aura is red, your energy (and color) comes from the center of your body, meaning you are bold hot and anything gets you going.

You wear your sexuality on your sleeve as if it were any other trait of your personality, and you could care less if prude people take offense to it.

Sometimes, you're too busy fantasizing throughout the day you can't even focus while in class. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

You're so fine-tuned into your sexuality that you desire to be with someone else who is equally harmonious with his or hers. Having a red aura just means you know what you like, and you're not afraid to get it.

Purple: That was hot... let's do it again

With a purple aura, your kink level is way high. You prefer sex that strays from the norm and leaves you feeling breathless, yet wanting more.

As a person with a purple aura, you take trying new things to the next level: You verge on the borderlines of having weird fetishes and wanting near-dangerous experiences for the thrill of the moment and a fun story to share with your friends at brunch the next day.

You prefer to be open with your sexuality, but keep some things behind closed doors (or in the backs of cars and movie theaters).

Unlike someone with a red aura, you may leave out all the truly intimate or kinky details from your sexcapades.

Pink: I'll give you all of me if you promise to love me back

Pink auras are the most gentle and emotional of all auras in the spectrum. People with this aura tend to be the deepest lovers, and most expressive underneath the sheets.

If you've found someone with a pink aura, hold on tightly. Pink auras will be forever unconditional and loyal if they feel you are their soulmate.

Pink auras also tend to be the most romantic and sensitive of the bunch. Treat this partner like a pink flower and your love will blossom into a formidable union that will last a lifetime.

Blue: I'd rather blow your mind, baby

Blue auras are some of the rarest auras in the entire world. Researchers believe those who encompass the blue aura are actually master communicators of the world.

As it turns out, people who reflect blue auras are able to express emotions toward others in ways others may not see as clearly, whether it's a soft touch that speaks a thousand words, or even a smile through the eyes that instantly captures one's heart.

Blue auras also happen to be highly intellectual. They respect boundaries and commit to someone when they think they've met the perfect match. Faithfulness is important to these people, but communication is ultimately the key to their hearts.

Gold: This will be that one time you never forget

A golden aura is attractive to just about anyone, for the pure fact that it is golden more than anything else.

One who is golden is his or her truest self around anyone and has no problem letting his or her freak flag fly. In fact, golden auras are so in tune with their sexualities, they just about exude it in every single breath.

If you encompass a golden aura, you have had a very strong upbringing surrounded by love and comfort, which has transcended into your adult years.

You know how to have fun when it comes to the romping, but you can tuck it all back in within a quick two seconds when the dinosaur nuggets are fully baked in the oven and the dryer you're having sex on top of is finally done with its last load for the day.

Don't worry, you golden child, you're going to make a great parent because of your wisdom, charisma, honesty and openness in sexual attitude.

Silver: Let me look deep into your soul, bae

Silver auras are the most revealing of them all: Just like silver, people who are accompanied by this aura show themselves in their truest forms right off the bat.

Those with silver auras are down to get freaky with you in the sheets almost right away if you're cool with their deepest, darkest secret. (Warning: They'll tell you their deepest, darkest secrets almost right away.)

They are seen as very attractive, yet love to admire others. This is one of their best traits, as those with red or purple auras tend to fiend love more than they give it to others.

Someone with a silver aura will surely keep you entranced and gleaming throughout your entire life.

Green: When we're through, you'll be wishing you still had me

Greens are likely the hardest working of the bunch in all areas of their lives: including sex.

People with green auras tend to have fine eyes for beauty, and ultimately guarantee their appearance, clothing, home and surroundings are both practical and beautiful.

Green auras like security, stability and balance in their lives. If one of them is planning on having sex with you, take caution: They are generally extremely receptive to bullsh*t and will be able to call you out on your bluff immediately.

Treat someone with a green aura as you would treat a crisp $100 bill. As beautiful and astonishing as it may look, it needs to be tended to carefully, and made sure its best interests are at heart.