4 Must-Have Qualities Every Woman Looks For In The Man Of Her Dreams

by Torrey Feldman

There are only four things in this world that elevates men from boys ... and they have nothing to do with the way men look.

Us women are an interesting breed. So, I would never say there are qualities that we all subscribe to when seeking a partner, unless it were true. These qualities usually stand on their own when it comes to finding a partner. But truly, the most attractive men have and embrace all four.

And most importantly, a man with all four qualities becomes one thing: Sexy.

Here are the four specific qualities every woman undeniably looks for in a man:

1. Confidence

This is the type of confidence found in a man who is sure of himself; a man who is willing to put himself out there in the face of possible rejection.

This is not to the douchebag who hides behind arrogance as an aside to confidence. To you sir, I say, grow up.

This is the guy who's not going to let fear stop him from approaching a woman he finds attractive. A confident man is an attractive man. He is a man worth waiting for.

When you're confident, it doesn't matter what you look like, where you come from or how many zeros are in your bank account. If you approach a good woman with sincere confidence, she will, at the very least, entertain your conversation out of respect for you as a man.

2. Genuine Sense Of Humor

Keyword: Genuine.

There is a difference between someone who is able to find humor in all situations, and someone forcing humor because they're uncomfortable.

In some form or another, we are all able to be silly, quirky or funny. However, some men adhere to the macho persona that is hard, cold and stoic. To be honest, the way to a woman's heart is through her laughter. I can't really explain why, but there is just something about a man who can make us laugh. He is immediately given attractive points for being funny.

Having a genuine sense of humor makes you someone she wants to be around, someone who's warm and inviting, and someone she feels comfortable bringing around her friends and family.

So, crack a smile and laugh at yourself more, and you might be on the fast track to meeting your future girlfriend.

3. Compassion

Ever wonder why women swoon over guys with puppies, or those who are good with kids? It's because in order to put up with either of those, you have to be a compassionate person.

Compassion boils down to being patient, loving, nurturing and selfless. That's what she sees in you when you're compassionate. So, embrace it!

Women want to know that, when they're hurting, lonely or lost, they can come to you. She won't always want you to fix it. Sometimes she'll just want you to listen and be present. A compassionate man will do just that.

4. Goals

Quite simply: Do you have goals? Are you aspiring to something in your life? Or are you just stagnating, with no intentions of moving forward? It's fine to not have your life together. Most of us don't. But, do you have a plan?

Working a crap job is completely permissible if you're saving the money to put yourself through school, pay off a debt, invest in yourself or someone you love in the future, etc.

Working a crap job is not enough if you're still living at home, spending all of your money on your pimped-out car and weed.

Women want to feel a sense of security with their man. A man with goals is someone who won't jeopardize the things he values in life because he's working towards something greater. A man with goals has no problem being very clear about his intentions in a relationship because he's actively trying to win her heart. A man with goals is one who does everything he can to provide for the ring, the house and the family because he is driven and decisive.

A man with goals is going somewhere, and she will want to be there with him until the end.

This article was originally published on the author's personal blog.