People Reveal The One Quality Their SO Has That Only They Get To See & It's Adorable

by Candice Jalili
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I'm currently in my first serious relationship ever. And needless to say, a lot of it has been confusing. But one of the most confusing parts of it has to be the fact that there's a side of me only my boyfriend gets to see. I'd love to think that side of myself is an awesome, wonderful gift, but you know, I can't be too sure what's going through his head. I mean, how am I supposed to know what guys like in a girl when no one else is looking?!

Well, lucky for me (and for you), I found a way to know. A recent Reddit thread prompted the question, “What's one personality trait of your SO that only you get to see?” and I have the best possible answers here for you. Read along and find out the secret side of yourself your partner definitely loves.

He's the only person she feels comfortable being sad around.

When shes upset about anything, she will hide it from everyone but me. — /u/WillYouTaiMaiShu

She's a total dork.

She is the dorkiest person I've ever met. Regularly yells with her lips pressed against mine, open mouth, because it sounds like Chewbacca. First time I stayed over I woke up to her singing La Vie en Rose and dancing around the kitchen , while making us eggies in baskets. — /u/mrstrangecharm

He's a total romantic behind closed doors.

My boyfriend's nickname is Nick Manly and he's training to be in the Army's Special Forces. But he's the most romantic, mushy, loving, kind man when it's just us. He never knew this about himself either until we met this year. I'm a female btw — /u/kittyspacecadet

He's actually a total sweetheart.

He's a bit socially awkward and is a grump in public, but really he's one of the most kind and warm people I've ever met. I'm the opposite. — /u/PrinceHerbert

She's super giggly.

My girlfriend is a hard ass super serious self employed entrepreneur. When we're together she is as silly and giggly as can be. She won't show that for anyone else ha — /u/ShawshankHarper

She lets her farts rip.

She is utterly disgusting (burps, farts) just doesn't give a shit around me. Hottest piece of toosh I see when we go out though and nobody knows any of this — /u/mikeylew92

She's not afraid of making a vulgar joke.

To the public she's well-educated, serious, put-together and professional. To me she will randomly yell 'smegma', 'jenkem' or 'chode' with no prompting or context. — /u/Djent_Reznor

She's a total submissive who likes to call him daddy.

My wife is a super focused type A career woman. Extremely organized, manages a large staff, routinely oversees assets in the nine figure range. She doesn't tolerate incompetence and is well known and well respected in her field as the go-to person to get shit done on time, every time. Behind closed doors, she's extremely submissive. She doesn't want to make any decisions; she wants Daddy to tie her up, use her, hurt her, push her limits, then take care of her. It took her years to discover and embrace this part of her personality, and I'm the only one who gets to experience it. — /u/fragilestories

She's really goofy.

Her goofy side. It has been hard for her, but she has finally stopped apologizing for it. — /u/dbcaliman

She has a dark sense of humor.

At work and with friends, my wife is really kind and compassionate. She works hospice, so a huge amount of her job is making people feel at ease. At home, she's got a vicious, morbid, fucked-up sense of humor. "Monday-Friday, 8-5, I have to be kind and caring. You get to deal with me the rest of the time." Our dinner-table and pillow talk is weird, man. I love it. — /u/POGtastic

He's super ticklish.

I don't know if this counts as a personality trait but my very manly and intimidating boyfriend is very ticklish and it's totally adorable. He's also very shy and quiet but has the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy and I love it. — /u/surfnabitofturf

He gains his confidence back.

Confidence and being 100% comfortable. I wish people knew that my bf was actually kinda funny and has opinions but around everyone else, he just clams up so much. —  /u/eirinite

She's a freak in the sheets.

Goes to church on Sunday, active in the community, conservative family, absolute whore in bed, and she's always ready to go when we're together. —  /u/Byizo

She's not shy anymore.

When I met my wife, she didn't say more that 10 words for each of the first few dates. 12 years later, I basically don't say more than 10 words when we're hanging out. She is ridiculously lovely and talkative with me. But with anyone else she is like a mute. I love her. —  /u/EvilJohnCho

She has a secret smile just for him.

Nobody knows it, but she's got a secret smile and she uses it only for me. —  /u/commonabond

She's goofy and always DTF.

She's incredible goofy at just plain silly. She dances, makes noises, has silly expressions. She also has a very high sex drive. In public she is very reserved and formal. People have commented to me about her being repressed or a snob lol. Far from it! — /u/RedDutchess15

What's a side of your partner only you get to see? Comment your thoughts below.

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