Here's What To Wear No Matter Where You Go On A First Date

by Suzanne McKenzie

First dates: They're nerve-racking, thrilling or (more likely) a heart-pumping combination of the two.

First and foremost, there's that weird expectation that permeates the entire evening. Will we hit it off? Will this work out?

Though how the evening will turn out is anyone's guess, another dilemma persists: What do you wear on a first date?

Cue the wardrobe/personal/existential crisis.

Before you freak out, make up some outlandish excuse and flake, take a breather: It's just a date.

Choosing an outfit doesn't have to be a big deal either. Just get a read on the vibe of your night and then pick something that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

And if you're feeling uninspired? Never fear: Here's a handy guide of exactly what to wear depending on where your potential boo is taking you on your first date.


An Indie movie theater

An artsy movie date calls for the perfect mix of casual and unique. Tuck a vintage band tee into ripped boyfriend jeans and finish off the look with colorful block heels and a leather bomber.

A speakeasy cocktail bar

Reece McMillian

Give a nod to prohibition and the roaring '20s with a fringe beaded top and high-waisted skinny jeans. Finish off your underground look with a sleek black floor-length overcoat, knee-high boots and maybe even a wide-brim fedora.

His friend's house party

If your date invites you to a friend's house party, don't fret: This means he wants you to meet his friends — and that it's time to have some fun with your outfit. Wear a hot pink or fiery red mini dress and pair with black tights and combat boots.

A concert

If your date suggests spending your first time together at a rock show, it's up to you to bring the cool factor. Go for track pants and a sheer white tee layered over a lacy bralette, and top off the look with a fleece-lined denim jacket.

Pro-tip: High-top sneakers complete the look — and protect your toes from the mosh pit.

An art museum

Let's say your date wants to explore the art world with you by his side. First of all, awww. Second of all, it's our belief that a museum is the place for fashion minimalism, so let the art be the loudest thing in the room. Opt for a crisp, oversized white oxford shirt tucked into cropped flared denim with simple black strappy heels.

Statement lipstick (not) optional.

His apartment

Jovo Jovanovic

To cook you dinner, duh! Also a long shot, but this is a possible (and kind of cute) first date idea. If you're heading over to your date's place to break bread together, go for a look that mixes romance and comfort. A silky camisole and stretchy bodycon skirt peeking out under an oversized wool sweater with fleece tights and flats should do the trick.

A swanky restaurant

For the traditional dinner date, put a sexy update on an old standby: the LBD. Top a little black dress (silk and velvet are our go-to fabrics lately) with a statement patterned coat and sky-high heeled ankle boots.

Trivia night at a dive bar

Sean Locke

If you and your date are hitting up happy hour and trivia night at the local watering hole (which actually sounds amaze), choose a street style look that's casual and sporty. A hoodie paired with leather leggings, wedge sneakers and a luxurious faux-fur coat will keep you looking and feeling comfy-chic all night long.