Here's Exactly How You Can Avoid Getting Friend Zoned — For Good

by Rohil Aniruth
michela ravasio

There isn't a more definitive way of knowing whether you failed at being remotely attractive to your crush like ending up in the dreaded friend zone.

You'd think, by now, the topic of the friend zone would have been covered to death, yet people still feel like they haven't found the answers.

But today, you will get your answers.

Trust me, I was almost a permanent resident of the friend zone. I was basically vacationing and retiring in that zone.

I have made all the mistakes you could possibly make, but I have learned from them. And now, I share this knowledge with you.

Here are the seven ways you can avoid getting stuck in the friend zone:

1. Be upfront with your intentions.

You should make it clear you're interested in this person beyond just being friends.

I'd often advertise myself as “just a friend,” and after the other person invested time in that kind of relationship with me, I would completely switch up the dynamic out of nowhere by confessing my love for them.

This was obviously super misleading and hurtful, like some kind of reverse tease.

Hey, remember how I was the "chill" friend you could grab drinks with, who wasn't trying to sleep with you? JK, I was actually trying to sleep with you the. Entire. Time.

See how creepy that is?

2. Become super wealthy.

Maybe you should create an app that'll get you billions of dollars? Some people reading this are probably still in college, like me, right? So literally everyone and their roommates are trying to make an app to get rich.

Just saying, Mark Zuckerberg probably got friend zoned a billion times before he made the ultimate friend zone and then made billions.

If you're rich and successful, you probably won't get friend zoned a lot. Ha! This is totally reasonable advice.

Seriously, though, what I mean is that you have other passions and interests to pursue. Having more going on for you than chasing the love of your life is incredibly important

You'll have less room for unhealthy obsession and unnecessary pressure, which are two things that can make people feel so uncomfortable, they have no other option but to send your ass off to the friend zone.

3. Find out what Jon Snow did with his mouth in "Game of Thrones."

Season 3, Episode 5. Enough said.

4. Don't be a “nice guy/girl,” thinking the world will owe you sex for it.

That's not how life works.

I'd often think of being "nice" as a tool to get people to be attracted to me, which isn't truly nice — it's just an asshole move. And if left unchecked, it can result in a person developing some serious entitlement issues.

It's not slick. Most people can see straight past that transparent act, and they block it with the friend zone.

5. Don't have friends.

Technically, this is the single best way to avoid the friend zone.

Well, am I wrong???

6. Hang around people who have similar luck.

If you're getting friend zoned all the time, you're most likely the problem. You may just be shitty, and that's OK! Some people just are!

All it means is that you should find the people who don't care that you're shitty because those people are probably getting friend zoned all the time, too! It's a match made in shitty heaven.

Wait! This is it! This can be your new app: a dating app exclusively for people who've been friend zoned. You can bond over mutual heartbreak, laugh away your rejections and find someone real.

7. Forget the concept of the friend zone altogether.

Really, the friend zone is just a made up thing — it's not an actual trap you can get caught in. It's just some internet garbage people use to soften the blow of rejection.

The truth is, some people will be romantically interested in you, and other people won't. And if you're friend zoned, it just means you met someone who doesn't want to have sex with you. Big deal!

The worst case scenario of the friend zone is having a friend, who is still a person who cares about you and thinks you're cool enough to be around, regardless of whether you're attractive to them or not. Appreciate that.

The quicker you're cool with that, the less you'll give a damn about being friend zoned. And the less you give a damn, the less pressure you'll put on your relationships and interactions.

Plus, no pressure equals a fun energy, and a fun energy often leads to more love-making. BOOM.