I'm A Believer: 5 Ways The Cynic In You Dies When You Fall In Love

By Alex Schnee

You used to be the one out of your friends who had long since given up on the idea of falling in love.

You were the first to snicker when you saw new relationships pop up on Facebook, and you laughed aloud at all the wrong parts during the rom-coms your best friend would drag you to see because she knew it would have a happy ending.

Flowers made you roll your eyes and weddings made you feel sick to your stomach.

But then, you met someone who led you to question everything you once believed in. Maybe unicorns do exist now, but you're not sure.

Here are five ways the cynic in you dies when you start seeing someone who has changed your life and makes you rethink everything:

1. You hated getting silly gifts, but now you don't mind.

It could be anything: a book you mentioned that you wanted to read, soap from a recent trip to Turkey, tickets to the play you've wanted to see because your favorite actor is the lead.

These little gifts, which seemed so stupid when you were outside of a relationship, now come to represent moments you share together.

You never understood why it meant so much to your friends when they squealed over gifts from their significant others, but you get it now (though squealing is still a bit extreme).

2. You couldn't stand watching PDA... but you fully participate with your significant other.

Yeah, you're the couple you used to hate. The one on the bus that everyone tries to ignore but it's almost impossible to do so.

When did your favorite phrase of “get a room” become someone else's? When did it become okay to touch someone so much?

3. You hated it when people said, “It will happen to you someday”… and then it happened.

Part of being a cynic is being obstinate in your cynicism. You would always laugh off the threat that one day, you would fall in love and be as insane as those losers.

You're sarcastic, realistic and have the best resting bitch face of them all.

So, why the hell are you always smiling now? You always assumed they were lying when they told you it was inevitable.

And now, here you are, looking like an idiot as you grin picking out canned peas at the grocery store.

4. You used to love your time alone; now it would be better if he or she were there.

“Alone time” is a necessary requirement when you are a cynic.

You remember those weekends when you could sit at home in your pajamas, watching reruns of your favorite reality show (and you didn't have to justify it because no one else was there).

Now, you still want to do the same thing — preferably with a pint of ice cream and your significant other there to tease you about your taste in television or who loves "Rock of Love" as much as you do.

5. You argued the word “forever” was ridiculous... now you consider using it.

When it all started out, you weren't super optimistic that it would last beyond a few weeks or maybe even a month or two.

But now, you're in a hole that just keeps getting deeper, and you dare to think about it lasting a little bit longer.

Forevers were for people who were clueless to the facts of life. But for the first time, you're willing to admit that maybe you were wrong, and what's more, you're kind of happy you were.

It may not last forever, but if it does, you find that maybe you don't mind — and you're actually willing to believe that it could.