8 Ways To Tell A Guy Is Serious About You, Even If He Hasn't Said The L Word

by Sylvia Smith

"I love you" is probably the most famous set of words in the English language. These words are also the hardest ones for some men to say. There are a variety of reasons men find it difficult to say these words. It can be from a fear of rejection, a lack of understanding of the importance of the phrase or simply because the man isn't comfortable voicing his feelings.

Thankfully, you can also tell whether or not a man loves you by seeing if he displays the following traits:

1. Passionate Kisses

A long, intimate and passionate kiss shows your man wants more than something casual. He is developing much deeper feelings for you. The passion should be almost tangible, and the kiss will feel like it should never end.

2. Friendships

His friends may take a while to warm up to you, but once they do, it's because your man is falling in love with you. His friends can see the difference you are making to his life and behavior and how happy you make him. His reactions show them the true reason for this, and they will embrace your relationship.

3. Intimacy

When a guy loves you, he wants to be close to you. He will spend much of his time inside your personal space and touching you in a gentle, loving manner. This may be a hand on your arm, in your hair or just wrapped around you. The closer he is to you, the more he has fallen for you.

4. Listening

Listening is a more powerful tool than talking. When your man listens to you, then you can be certain he is falling in love with you. In fact, he is likely to listen more than he talks, simply so he understand more about you.

It is also likely that he will lean in closer to you, particularly if the subject is important to you. Communication in relationships is vital, and men should know that if they want to win a woman over, all they have to do is listen to what she has to say.

5. Random Texts

Not everyone loves text messaging, but some men do. If he is one that does, he will send you random messages throughout the day. They will not be to check where you are or to have boring small talk. He will be sharing his thoughts or starting a discussion. This shows he is thinking of you and is comfortable getting to know you through all levels of communication.

6. Stays With You

If you are having a dinner party, he chooses to join you in while you're shopping and preparing the meal instead of just turning up for the party. This demonstrates his love because he wants to spend time with you, regardless of whatever you are doing.

7. Meaningful Gifts

A sure sign that a man is in love with you is when he starts buying you meaningful gifts. These are not expensive accessories or flowers; these are gifts that really mean something to you in a personal level. They are likely to be things you already collect or have an interest in. He is showing his love and the fact he is aware of your interests.

8. Eye Contact

Eye contact is essential in dating, love, marriage and building relationships. But, it is also a sign he is saying, "I love you." If you are out and he is across the room, he will keep making eye contact with you. This will ensure you know he is thinking of you, no matter what he is doing. This, in turn, means he loves you.

As human beings, we want to love and be loved. We have a primal need for protection and affection. Although a man loves you deeply, he may not say it in the way you're used to hearing. That's why you should find out the ways he chooses to express himself through his gestures.