These Are All The Ways Your Political Affiliation Affects Your Dating Life

by Bobby Box

With Trump and Clinton going head-to-head for presidential supremacy, it's safe to say this election will be one for the books.

As a Canadian, however, this means I don't have much (or any) say in the matter, so all I can do is look on as both Trump and Clinton try to push each other out of the running on their way to the White House.

But I will help where I can. If Trump does become president and people are seriously considering moving to Canada, I have room. Just shoot me an email of when I can expect you.

Since I'm an unbiased onlooker (or at least that's how I'll present myself in this article) concerning politics, I chose to take a completely unbiased look at the many seemingly redundant political studies that researchers insist can affect your love life.

This being the common theme in the studies I've addressed, it would appear that, like your zodiac sign, political preference can be a determining factor in your love life. Or, at least that's what these studies want us to believe.

So, if it's guidance you seek in your dating life, let The Donald and Hillary be your guides:

People who are passionate about politics are very sexually expressive.

Evidently, an interest in politics can serve as a something of a personality test for singles, as's annual “Singles in America” survey found people who are passionate about politics are quite the sultry bunch.

These savvy singles were found to be 57 percent more likely to explore open relationships, 110 percent more likely to engage in a threesome and — though much less alluring — 80 percent more likely to drunk dial an ex. Except for that last part (which we've all done in prior drunken stupors), people who love politics are the kind of open-minded people I'd like to hang out with.

What should you expect when dating a Hillary supporter?

My favorite of all surveys, “Singles in America,” also looked at the two presidential opponents and categorized them based on preferences of their supporters. Somehow, the researches managed to made this information relevant to dating.

Though this should be taken with a grain of salt, here's what's to expect when dating Hillary supporters. Of the 5,500 surveyed, Hillary's supporters were found to be 129 percent more likely to drink wine (preference in white or red was not noted), 606 percent more likely to be gay and 43 percent more likely to be actively seeking commitment.

Essentially, the survey makes Hillary followers look like the supporting cast of "Sex and the City."

What should you expect when dating a Trump supporter?

In contrast, Trump supporters are made to appear as guests on "The Jerry Springer Show."

According to this same survey, those in favor of Trump are 79 percent more likely to drink beer, 82 percent more likely to be unemployed and 116 more likely to talk about an ex on a date. But, let's not get all high and mighty here.

What do prospective in-laws think of your political beliefs?

Earlier this year, teen polling app Wishbone polled 10,000 Millennials in America on various questions pertaining to politics and dating. Something that was interesting and different in this study was that they addressed the parents.

Like religion and/or one's football team preference, does one's political preference impact your could-be in-laws' perception of you? Indeed it can.

According to results, 36 percent of Millennials say their parents or family would care if they married someone from a different political party. That's almost four in 10.

But perhaps a better question is, would they even date them in the first place? Maybe, but probably not. Forty-seven percent of respondents said they wouldn't date somebody with different political beliefs.

Is discussing politics on a date a good idea?

This one is completely up to you, as there are two differing statistics. While 80 percent of “Singles in America” survey respondents believe you should absolutely discuss politics on a first date, only one in three Wishbone users believed it was necessary.

Here's my two cents: If politics are important to you, go for it. You should definitely discuss this pertinent information before getting in too deep. If not? Screw it. Leave your opinions in the ballot box and just get along.

Which supporters are better in the sack?

If it's a good romp in the sack you're after, research from dating site Zoosk found that Democrats make better lovers. This was according to just over half of those surveyed. Even the Republicans agree, with 23 percent admitting Democrats are likely the better lovers.

Which supporters expect sex on a first date?

Take a guess. Did you say Trump? Correct-a-mundo.

Match's survey found that Trump supporters were 1,104 percent more likely to expect sex on the first date. Clinton's base, on the other hand, is a whopping 2,133 percent more likely to have no physical expectations at the end of the first date.

I'll let you piece together what that means by yourself.