6 Ways To Save Your Relationship When You Think Your BF's Family Hates You

by Alexa Mellardo

Let's be real: Getting introduced to your boyfriend's family for the first time can be SO stressful.

When things start getting serious with your man, you may decide to go exclusive. Chances are, he'll want you to meet his family... if you haven't already.

*instantly starts to stress TFO*

What if they don't like you? Or what if YOU don't like them?

What if you make a complete disaster of a first impression?

You've met plenty of people, though. So, how bad could it really be?

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For whatever reason, some gals just don't get off on the right foot with their boyfriend's family.

Whether it's the fact that you're not at all what they pictured for their son or you just made a terrible first impression, it's a horrible position to be in for both sides.

You may be dealing with ice cold vibes, or even unwelcome remarks. Whatever the reason, remain calm.

Here's how to deal when you got off on the wrong foot with your boyfriend's family:

1. Have patience.

This is all new for both you and them. You may be the first girl he has ever brought home to his family.

Patience IS a virtue.

2. Be respectful.

Don't ever say anything you'll regret to him OR them. Some thoughts are better kept to yourself.

Treat his family like you would want him to treat yours. To gain respect, you need to show respect.

3. Establish boundaries.

If you've tried everything and it seems to be a lost cause, figure out what works and what doesn't.

Have a chat with your man about the best approach. Maybe you can go visit them for a day, but spending an entire weekend together might be too much.

Over time, things may improve.

4. Remain confident.

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You've probably dealt with situations more difficult than this one. Remaining your confident self will help you get through this.

Remind yourself his family is always going to be there. If you can't make things right, you're probably the one who's going to have to leave... not them!

5. Take baby steps.

You're dating HIM, not his family. But if he's a family kind of guy, this is something you'll need to work on.

You don't need to be their best friend right away, but working toward an amicable relationship will eliminate stress.

6. Don't over-vent.

Talk to someone who will help you out, but who will give you CONSTRUCTIVE advice. Don't vent to a friend who is known to add fuel to the fire.

Maybe start by going to coffee or lunch with your boyfriend's family to find out what you have in common. You already have the love for the same guy in common, so that's a huge start.