Warm Up To Your SO With These 10 New York City Date Ideas

Beyond the pumpkin waffles and lattes, fall is the perfect time of year for dating.

It's just chilly enough for both your cool leather coat, and a nice cuddle session with your honey. Out of great date ideas?

Here are some creative fall date ideas for city inhabitants, specifically:

1. Look for peacocks on the Upper West Side.

Take the 1 train up toward the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine.

Start at the famous Hungarian Pastry Shop for a quick coffee and a nosh.

Then, head to the Cathedral itself, which has beautiful grounds, semi-hidden gardens and three peacocks that roam around all year.

Make it a challenge to see who can spot one first.

Cozy up on a bench in one of the gardens, and you'll be smooching in no time.

2. Go on a donut tour.

It's fall. You have all winter to get chunky and not worry about bathing suits, so why not begin with a romantic donut tour?

Start at the Union Square Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning with some warm apple cider, followed by some apple cider doughnuts.

Hop on the train, and head down to the lower east side to the Doughnut Plant, which is within walking distance of Pies 'n' Thighs.

3. Bike or run down the West Side Highway.

If you're feeling guilty about eating so many doughnuts, how about trying an active date?

Perhaps it's not the best first date, but running or going on a walk is an excellent way to get to know someone.

The West Side Highway is scenic as well, with plenty of opportunities for romance.

Stop for food at the Pier i Cafe, and sneak in a little hand-holding as you gaze across the water.

4. Go to a whiskey tasting.

Whiskey Stories, led by Rachna Hukmani, involves six different whiskies and food pairings.

There’s nothing pretentious about the events either, as Hukmani uses engaging stories to keep her audience involved.

There’s usually a comedian, musician or some type of performer there as well.

Not only is this an exceptional out-of-the-box date idea, but as the saying goes, “Whiskey makes you frisky.”

5. Go apple picking.

Sometimes, you just need to get out of the city.

Invite your sexy date to hop on the Metro-North and head to Wilkens Fruit & Fir Farm.

Apple picking always starts with a hay ride out to the orchard.

When you come home, take all the apples you collected and make a homemade apple pie.

6. Sit on the steps at Times Square and warm up in K-town.

I know, I know.

Most New Yorkers try to avoid Times Square like the plague.

However, if you have nowhere to be, sitting on the steps can actually be romantic.

Grab a PSL (haters gonna hate) beforehand, and cozy up with your sweetie.

Observe the chaos without being a part of it.

Remind yourself how lucky you are to live in a city that's cool enough to attract so many tourists.

Walk down to Koreatown later to share a warm bibimbap.

7. Go watch a 1920s jazz band.

Watching Carte Blanche (an amazing old jazz band) is more than an evening of jazz.

It's an experience, as you revisit a forgotten era.

The band transports viewers back in time by wearing authentic vintage clothing, and using old-fashioned equipment.

This is definitely the kind of date idea that will make your new hottie say, "You know about all of the cool gems in NYC."

8. Hack the Met with museum hack.

Think museums are boring? Think again. This is not your dad's tour of the Met.

Forget the stuffy, pretentious tours that bore you to tears.

On this tour, you and your date will hear hilarious stories, take pictures of naked statues and totally change your perspective about museums.

9. Watch hilarious comedians perform about the Internet.

Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula were voted the "Top 10 Funniest Women in NYC."

During their hysterical show, Blogologues, they perform the Internet verbatim.

All of those crazy posts on Reddit, ridiculous tweets and that one girl from high school with her insane Facebook posts were all there.

Also, laughing is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

A show like this is a great way to start off your night.

10.  Neflix and chill, pumpkin-carving style.

Remember when Netflix and chill just meant Netflix and chill (actually, was that ever)?

Invite your honey over to carve some pumpkins.

Get messy in the gunk, and pop in the greatest fall movie ever ("Hocus Pocus," of course).

If you want to be extra cute, put some spiced rum on the stove and add in some cinnamon sticks.

Roast the pumpkin seeds, and then cozy up to finish the movie.

What you do after the Nexflix part is totally up to you.

Take it all in now and enjoy the fall.

Grab your Tinder date or long-termer and get creative.

After all, winter is around the corner.

You're about to become the hermit who doesn't leave your apartment for weeks.