#Vom: 13 Ways To Avoid Being 'That Couple'

by Amy Haywood

It's hard when you, the notorious single girl, snags herself a boyfriend. Your friends aren't used to you being taken and, to be honest, neither are you. It's the beginning of a new rhythm.

In fact, you are usually the person who makes fun of couples that hold hands or kiss in public.

Here are some ways to bridge the gap between your boyfriend and friend group without drama or gross PDA:

1. Don’t text him constantly when you’re with your friends.

First of all, that’s just rude in general. Value all your relationships and dedicate time to each person.

2. Keep your independence and have him keep his, too.

If he balls with the bros every Tuesday and you do ladies night with your girls on Wednesday, that’s okay. Plus, it gives you more to talk about when you reunite.

3. Maintain your routine like usual, but now just add your beau.

If you always get coffee at Dunkin' Donuts between 10 and 11 am, continue this routine, but now you have someone to hold your coffee while you search your purse for change.

4. Make time for yourself.

You love being around each other, but it’s also important to have alone time. This might be reading a book, taking a walk or just browsing the web. Never apologize for needing some time to appreciate yourself

5. Repeat after me: PDA IS GROSS.

Holding hands is one thing, but eating each other’s faces is just totally… weird.

6. Create a relaxed vibe that allows you to include all of your friends without them feeling like outsiders.

So, gab and chat with everyone in the room, not only your friends and your beau, but his friends, too.

7. It’s okay to joke with each other.

Don’t make fun of your partner in a hurtful way, but it’s fun and flirty to bust his balls every once in a while when you’re around your friends. He’ll do the same for you, so don’t be too sensitive.

8. Chivalry isn’t just for your guy.

Make sure he’s respectful and sweet to your friends and vice versa. Talk to his roommates and his friends. Try to get to know them on a more personal level.

9. Include friends in your “date” plans to go to a movie, concert or new bar.

Meeting up with everyone is an easy and stress-free way to be inclusive.

10. Be interested in his activities. And, if it is important he reciprocates, make sure to express that.

If he loves playing on his intramural soccer team, then show up to a few games. Hey, you might even be elected “sexiest soccer mom.” It never hurts to show support and bring orange slices.

11. Try not to isolate yourself in group settings.

You can whisper to him alone in your room. The two-person show isn't cute and you might be missing out on the fun.

12. Keep in mind what you find annoying about couples.

If you don’t like it when your friends are constantly talking about their boyfriends, check your own behavior when it comes to discussing your new flame.

13. Drunk fighting in public is awkward… for the public.

Alcohol tends to increase everyone’s emotions. So, if either of you is being overly sensitive, try to bite your lip and remember you are both drunk and in public.

Your apartment might be a better fit for a heated discussion.

These tips may be common sense, but they still ring true.

Everyone should be his or her own individual self, and every relationship is unique and intriguing. Don’t turn your relationship into what your friends want, but expanding your horizons is never a bad thing.

You might learn some new things about new people and you’ll probably need to get a bigger booth at the bars.