On Feb. 22, this video of The Weeknd kissing Bella Hadid's friend, Simi Khadra, went viral

Soooo, There's A Video Of The Weeknd Kissing Bella Hadid's Friend

As in, his ex’s friend.

Leon Bennett/WireImage/Getty Images

Apparently, what happens in Vegas does not always stay there. At around 2 am on Feb. 20, The Weeknd was busy celebrating his 32nd birthday at Delilah, a popular celebrity lounge in Sin City, with a little bit of romance. Unfortunately for him (and lucky for us), a video of The Weeknd kissing Bella Hadid’s friend, Simi Khadra, was captured and quickly shared on TMZ’s socials.

Simi makes up one half of Simi Haze, a DJ duo she formed with her twin sister. She’s also well-known for her close friendship with Bella, The Weeknd’s ex. So, yes, this birthday makeout session has the potential to get very messy. It does seem like Bella and Simi were already on the outs though. Per Cosmopolitan Middle East, they stopped following each other on Instagram in April 2021. As of Feb. 22, they still don’t follow each other on the ‘gram — so maybe there wasn’t much of a friendship to sacrifice, anyway.

In the clip, The Weenknd was spotted sharing a few kisses with Simi while her hands were placed sweetly on his cheeks. (I have to wonder: Can he ~feel his face~ with her?) Still, there’s still no confirmation yet on what these kisses means for their respective relationship statuses. (Elite Daily reached out to The Weeknd and Simi’s reps for comment, but did not hear back in time for publication.)

However, as of Feb. 4, a source told E! that there was nothing romantic going on between the two. “The Weeknd and Simi are not dating,” the insider told the outlet after the duo was spotted dining together in Los Angeles. The source added, “They’ve been friends for years.”

Apparently, a lot can change in less than a month. Although one makeout does not a relationship make (obvi), it certainly suggests something a little spicier than platonic friendship between The Weeknd and Simi.

Whether it was a simple “happy birthday” kiss (those exist, right?) or a sign of something more sultry, this video is proof that some Vegas escapades will follow you home — and potentially get back to your ex-girlfriend.