Why Valentine's Day Is The Best Day For Single People To Get Laid

It’s, what, February second already?

So that means people -- both guys and gals -- nationwide are about to press the panic buttons on their lives and enter the period of self-pity that usually precedes the weeks leading up to Valentine’s day, which really doesn't make any sense to me.

Eleven months out of the year, people take pride in their single-ness (singularity?). They’ll poke fun at their friends in serious relationships, sneer at PDA and all in all shun the idea of tying themselves down to another person...until the month of February, that is. At that point, it becomes desperation mode.

It’s unbelievable.

Sure, the idea of being together with someone whose company you truly enjoy is a pleasant one, but I feel like everyone tends to get super dramatic about his or her romantic lives on behalf of a silly Hallmark holiday.

And ironically enough, it seems to me that there are a lot more people sulking about their singleness on Valentine’s Day than there are people basking in their everlasting romance. Single people love to play the victim every year around the beginning of February because they feel like they’re in the minority of the population.

But if you actually take the time to look around, you’ll notice there are a lot more single people walking the streets by themselves than couples holding hands and kissing on the street corners.

It’s time to stop treating your own singleness so cynically. Just because you’re single today, doesn’t mean you’ll be single tomorrow. And just because you’re single on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you’ll be single forever.

Granted, the amount of commercials on television dedicated to Valentine’s Day -- and the abundance of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates in each pharmacy -- probably won’t make you feel overly exuberant about your lack of a significant other, but at the same time, we have to get a grip.

So, instead of spending this Valentine’s Day sulking about your lack of a dinner date, why don’t you try to see the silver lining in your dark cloud of solidarity.

No dice? Allow me to explain.

For starters, instead of copping a couple of pints of Ben and Jerry’s and calling it a night on V-day, why don’t you treat it as if it were any other night? Take it from me, if you pack it in on February 14th, you’ll still be single on February 15th.

Might as well not drop the world on Valentine’s Day because things aren’t looking how you wanted them to.

In fact, for a number of reasons, you might actually have better luck than usual at a bar on the night of Valentine’s Day. Think about it. While you might usually be walking up and down the bar, shooting different women glances, hoping the one you like doesn’t have another guy back home, you won’t have to deal with those types of concerns on February 14th.

Any person who has a significant other probably isn’t going to be spending his or her "Valentine’s Night" out at a dive bar, spending good money on discounted drink specials. Every couple will be out at dinner. Or, f*ck it, somewhere candlelit.

The only people who are going to hit the bars on a night like Valentine’s are other single people like yourself, with the same type of harbored loneliness that you may or may not be feeling. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself -- BY yourself -- go out and meet OTHER single people.

In fact, that's how people go from single to not single in the first place.

You have to take shots in order to score. And as Wayne Gretzky said, you’ll miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. And consider Valentine's Day an empty net because no one -- I repeat, NO ONE -- wants to go home on Valentine's Day alone.

It’s fine to be upset about being single on Valentine’s Day, but if you’re expecting any different results by this time next year, just understand you’re not going to be benefiting your situation by tweeting self-deprecating one-liners about your own single-ness, funny or pathetic as they may be.

Although you might be feeling alone this year, keep in mind that there are countless other people who are in the same exact boat as you -- odds are they’ll probably be out at the bar getting hammered on Valentine’s Night to boot.

Tell yourself you’re going to go out and have a good time this year on February 14th, and I guarantee if you have the right mindset and play your cards right, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be able to meet someone telling him or herself to do the same exact thing.

They say misery loves company right? So, if you’re going to celebrate your single-misery this Valentine’s Day, at least find someone to keep you company. You’ll be surprised at how far a little positive attitude and initiative can take you.