Why Being In A Relationship Shouldn't Stop You From Being A Bad B*tch

by Gigi Engle

Bad bitches are really good at being single. We’re wild and free and very comfortable being on our own. We are fearless.

Unlike other girls, we don’t feel the need for companionship. We get that from our friends and from ourselves.

And we certainly don’t crave the safety of a relationship. It isn’t comforting to us; it’s stifling.

We are all we need. We don’t want to be tethered; we just want to fly.

The untamable girl shies away from relationships because she fears losing her spirit to the monotony of coupledom.

She is very magnetic and the male species is drawn to her. Most of the time, she runs away before things get too serious.

We ladies often equate settling down for being tamed. The last thing a bad girl wants is to become docile.

We are repelled by anything that could compromise our wild nights or our exceptional ambition. We are terrified by the idea of becoming ordinary.

If we were to somehow become less fascinating, we would wither and die.

Ladies, we untamable girls need to let go of our fear if we’re ever going to find love. The right guy isn’t going to make you less of a bad girl.

Sure, maybe getting older means staying in more. But that isn’t such a bad thing. As we get older, we need to allow some room for stability in our lives.

Just because you have a boyfriend doesn’t mean you’re any less fabulous.

The right guy for the untamable girl is the one who loves and appreciates her for the uninhibited, unrestrained, glorious creature that she is.

Don’t deny love just because you fear commitment. You can still be your bad b*tch self with a (super hot) boo on your arm.

I promise it isn’t the end of the world, and it isn’t the end of your carefree days.

When it comes to love, bad girls can have their cake and eat it too. Here's how.

A relationship shouldn’t change you; it should make you more yourself.

You shouldn’t feel like you need have to be anything you’re not, even when you’re with a new boyfriend. He shouldn’t try to change you; he should make you feel so comfortable that you have no problem being completely yourself.

You’re a bad b*tch, and the right guy will love that about you -- as he should. A relationship shouldn’t suffocate you; it should just make you freer.

A relationship shouldn’t make sex boring; it should make it better.

A bad b*tch doesn’t let sex get stale. Just because you two are exclusive doesn’t mean your sex life should grow monotonous. In fact, the passion should only get better and more fiery.

As you fall more in love, intensity replaces the initial spark. Now is the time to bring in the little kink to keep that spark on fleek.

A relationship shouldn’t make you complacent; it should be a constant exercise in chemistry.

Your boyfriend shouldn’t make you boring; he should make you more exciting. Don’t forget how to flirt. You have to work to keep the electricity there. But if you do put in the hours, they will pay off.

Your witty banter will keep you two on your toes. Too many couples fall into a routine of bland chatter that exists to fill awkward silences. With a bad b*tch, there is never a lack of excellent conversation material.

A relationship shouldn’t be about saving you; it should be about accepting you for who you are.

Your man should love you for the fabulous hot mess that you are. So many guys think that we untamable, bad girls need to be “saved.” F*ck that. That kind of love will never do for us.

We need boyfriends who adore us for who we are and who want to come and be wild with us. We don’t need a police officer; we need a partner in crime.

A relationship shouldn’t sober you; it should intoxicate you.

You shouldn’t have to stop drinking and partying just because you got yourself a man. ("Drunk in love," right?) He should be out with you, drinking champagne and loving it.

The right guy will be friends with all of your friends and love the wild, reckless life you lead. The bonus: He’ll always get you home at the end of the night, so you know you'll always be safe.

A relationship shouldn’t be monotonous; it should teach you something every day.

As I’ve said, bad girls fear relationships because we fear becoming boring. If you become boring in a relationship, that relationship turns completely worthless. A stable, healthy relationship will be a learning experience.

The untamable girl doesn’t want to be watered down; she wants to grow. The guy for us is a guy who has endless lessons to teach -- and also the capacity to absorb what we teach him.

A relationship shouldn’t make you stay in; it should give you twice the reason to go out.

You don’t have to stay in and watch Netflix documentaries every night just because you’re part of a couple now. Who says you need to become a homebody just because you have a somebody?

The right guy for us bad b*tches is one who loves to go out WITH us. You shouldn’t trade your nights of dancing on tables for nights spent lying on the couch. Being in a relationship means having a new person who wants to dance with you.

A relationship shouldn’t make you have less fun; it should make you have more fun.