These tweets about being single on Valentine's Day are so real.
Single On Valentine’s Day? These 20 Tweets Will Make You Feel Seen

Send chocolates.

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On Feb. 14, there’s a lot of pressure to be in a relationship — to eat chocolates, to get flowers, and to hear those two magical words: “Be Mine.” But being single on Valentine’s Day is nothing to be ashamed of. Although the Hallmark-concocted holiday can feel slightly overwhelming (especially for those not in a relationship), it really is just a day like any other. Still, if you are finding yourself starting to play the comparison game with IG feeds full of lovey-dovey posts, these tweets about being single on Valentine’s Day are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit, single style.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration on how to spend your V-Day or just want to commiserate with other singletons, Twitter is a goldmine for Valentine’s Day commentary. The best part? Plenty of the tweets are coming from single people like you (and me), equally un-enamored by the onslaught of heart-shaped and bedazzled cards.

That said, if you need a little humor and TLC to get you through to Feb. 15, take a browse through these Valentine's Day tweets. They might just inspire you to enjoy (rather than resent) the holiday. At the very least, they’ll make you feel seen.

This Tweet About Being Strategic On Valentine’s Day

You can get started on a date for next Valentine’s Day now by scoping out the gym.

This Tweet About Valentine’s Day Pessimism

So this isn’t the most positive outlook to have — but sometimes, it’s OK to feel a little down.

This Tweet About Not Complaining

There’s nothing wrong with being single on V-Day — even if it’s a few years running.

This Tweet About Being Grateful

It could always be worse.

This Tweet About Treating Yourself

Who knew that Wizards of Waverly Place would inspire my Valentine’s Day spirit for so many years to come?

This Tweet About Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

There is no point in staying up late, stressing about finding a date for Valentine’s Day or responding to “u up?” texts. Get your sleep instead.

This Tweet About The Valentine’s Scam

There’s nothing like a billboard to make you feel seen.

This Tweet About Celebrating With Friends

Single or not, Galentine’s Day is always a good idea.

This Tweet About Being A Hot Girl

I don’t make the rules!

This Tweet About Being Spoiled

I’d rather be single and spoil myself than in a relationship and feeling let down on this ~day of love~.

This Tweet About The Challenges Of V-Day

Tone down the difficulty level by reminding yourself that romance will only be in the air for 24 hours.

This Tweet About Valentine’s Day Plans

Ikea’s Swedish meatballs are better than heart-shaped chocolates, anyway.

This Tweet About An Unfortunate Start

Cats really know how to read the room, don’t they?

This Tweet About Discounted Chocolate

How does 50% off sound?

This Tweet About Loving The Cheesiness

Single people can love V-Day, too.

This Tweet About Wishing Others The Worst

If there’s one thing Twitter knows how to do, it’s sarcasm.

This Tweet About Finding A Valentine

FYI, you do not need an SO to have a Valentine!

This Tweet About The Levels Of Loneliness

Things could always be worse!

This Tweet About Feeling A Little Unhinged

If you are feeling a little down about this holiday, a dramatic spectacle or two might do the trick.

This Tweet About How Valentine’s Day Exacerbates Things

Ugh, I miss the days of trading Valentines in school.

No matter how you’re spending V-day, a quick scroll through Twitter will make your single life feel a little less sad and a little more relatable.