People Are Tweeting The Worst First Date Spots Where You Won't Get Another Date

by Candice Jalili

Can you imagine your personal worst date idea ever?

Honestly, I'm sad to say I've never actually had a horrible first date.

I did have one date where we got sandwiches from the grocery store and ate them in his car, but that wasn't even that bad.

Most of my first dates have been the standard drinks-and-dinner type of deals. BORING, I know.

But a recent hashtag on twitter, #BadFirstDateLocations, puts my lame worst date ideas to SHAME, as these people shared the literal worst possible first date locations they could think of.

Read along and take some notes on the worst first date spots of all time — so you know where NOT to go.

It's probably best to wait until the second date to introduce the fam.

A creepy alleyway isn't a great idea.

Your cult meeting is an even worse idea.

If you're not ready to talk politics, don't bring a date to the congressional floor.

Ribfest (apparently that's a thing) would probably get super messy.

A van with no way out isn't suspicious at all.

A wedding would be pretty awk if you hadn't met yet.

Any sort of trunks should be off limits, really

Your prison cell might be a little cramped, too.

Literally just stay away from anywhere your ex might be.

His mom's house would just be weird.

Pretty much anywhere having to do with his mom would be, honestly.

The funeral of a loved one isn't usually the place to go for a good time.

Anything having to do with death is probably not a good call.

A first date becomes way more awk when she already has a boyfriend.

The... local porn store?

Don't bring your date anywhere with excessive amounts of garbage.

The strip club isn't as sexy on a first date.

Maybe stay away from anywhere illegal, also.

Maybe save your ex's grave for another time.

David's Bridal might be too forward.

An ice cream shop isn't so cute when you might puke everywhere.

All right, you guys, so the next time you're considering going on a date to a graveyard... just don't.