What Every Trophy Wife Should Know

by Trophy Wife

It isn’t easy being a Trophy Wife – some may think our lives are filled with endless Champagne towers, private jets, yachts and big diamonds.

Sure, those things do occur more regularly than others – however choosing the life of a Trophy Wife isn’t always the glitz and glamour as others may perceive. In order to be the best Trophy Wife that you can be, here are a few pointers – from one TW to another:

Haters gonna Hate

Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potato. Fuck I love saying that – it has nothing to do with anything but it cracks me up. Every time.

Anyway, a lot of people are going to make fun of you and put you down after you reveal to them that you have chosen the Trophy Wife path in life. The key thing to remember when this happens is don’t ever be ashamed of what you are – if you look down on yourself, you give others the permission to do the same.

Remember that hate stems from ignorance – they obviously are not aware that the definition of Trophy Wife has changed throughout the years. It is up to you to educate them.

Don’t let haters get you down. If I had a dollar for every time someone mocked me for my lifestyle choice, I would actually be able to pay my entire rent. And remember – hate always stems from jealousy – haven’t you realized that it’s mostly ugly bitches that hate on you?

Don’t Spend Frivolously

It’s exciting that you’ve married a rich man and you’ve come into a significant amount of money. Don’t make the rookie mistake and spend all this new found wealth frivolously. Never spend more money than he has – doing so will only put both of you in coach class next time you have to cross the Atlantic.

Show him that he can trust you with his money by not throwing it around – no one needs two helicopters, and parking them is a real bitch. Be as enamored of saving as he is, just more savvy about how to liberate some more of it for spending.

Labels don’t define you

Nothing screams new money than when you are clad head to toe in designer clothing. Being fabulous is not about overtly showing off your new-found wealth by covering yourself in a gaudy Versace dress. A true Trophy Wife is always understated, rocking her own classic style with investment pieces.

Understand that fashion and style are not the same thing. Fashion is wearing shorts in summer and fur in winter; style is more individual and personalized – style is HOW you wear your shorts in summer, and how your fur up in winter.

Always Be Courteous

Just because you’ve moneyed up doesn’t mean you can treat others like shit. Sure – having help at your call may be new to you, but they’re not your servants. They’re your employees and they are still humans. As my momma taught me – you are not better than anyone else, and always treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Don’t talk down to people and don’t assume they should kiss your ass – having manners and being courteous to people goes a long way. After all – you can’t keep an eye on your employees at all times, and when you’re not around, you hope they’re not spitting in your cocktail or stealing your Xanax.

Hold Your Tongue

The majority of the time, in order for your husband to bring home the big bucks, he often has to work crazy hours. Due to the stress of work, he is bound to be moody at times, and more often than not, he will snap at you. Don’t cry like a bitch when this happens – this will aggravate him more. Walk away and give him some space – you get more control that way and more respect.

The key thing to remember? Stay confident, but have some humility, too.

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