This Robot Hand Figures Out Your Tinder Desires, Because Science (Video)

True Love Tinder Robot from Nicole He on Vimeo.

Tinder can be a serious game of chance. While mindlessly swiping left and right, you could accidentally swipe past the love of your life and not even realize it.

How can we, as a human race, stop this travesty from happening? It's easy: We build a robot.

Nicole He, a graduate student in New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program, has built the Tinder robot of your dreams, aptly named the True Love Tinder Robot.

Instead of just swiping left and right at random, the robot analyzes your physical reaction to the person on the screen and determines if it's a match.

But while that sounds cool in theory, the robot is actually super judgy about the way you make decisions. A few of its verbal commands include,  "You can trust me because I am a robot" (pro tip: never trust a robot), "Judge this person" (umm, ok?)  and "Determine if this person has any value," to which the robot itself replies, "Nope."

Jeez, kind of makes Tinder seem harsh. Check out the Tinder robot in action in the video above.

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