Tinder Will Give One LGBT Couple $100K To Plan Their Dream Wedding

Time for a little POP QUIZ:

  1. Are you a member of the LGBTQ+ community?
  2. Do you have a bae you're trying to get married to?
  3. Did you and your bae meet on Tinder?
  4. Do you want your wedding to said bae to reflect your fabulousness as a couple?

If you answered "yes" to all of the above questions, BOY, OH BOY, DO I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS FOR YOU.

In honor of Pride this month, Tinder is offering a whopping $100,000 to help fund the wedding of one lucky LGBTQ+ couple.

This is just one of the app's many attempts to support members of the LGBTQ+ community's quests to find love. Last year, the app was the first to include "transgender" as a gender choice, along with 37 other options for people to choose from.

Just two months after they launched their new gender options, the app noticed over 250,000 new matches made as a result of the  progressive new feature.

Now, with this competition, they're helping one of those lucky matches tie the knot.

But wait, how often are LGBTQ+ people even looking to find THE ONE on Tinder?

In a study of 12,070 of its users aged 18-35 (including 284 non-binary users, 8,916 heterosexual men, 712 gay men, 311 lesbian women, and 1,847 heterosexual women), Tinder found that, despite the popular belief that it's just a "hookup" app, most of their LGBTQ+ users on the app are looking for something a little more serious.

In fact, the large majority of gay users (66.4 percent) and lesbian users (62.1 percent) agree that using Tinder will lead them to form a long-term relationship.

Non-binary users are even more likely to use the app as a means of meeting someone special. The study found that they are about 6 percent more likely than their gay, male counterparts to believe their Tinder matches could potentially blossom into long-term partners.

So how do you enter?

Entering this contest is so, so easy.

All you have to do is post a cute couple pic of you and your bae on Instagram any time during the month of June.

In the caption, write the story of how you went from Tinder matches to where you are now, and include the hashtag #TinderSuccessStory. Then, all you have to do is tag @Tinder, and BOOM, you're officially in the running.

How do you win?

The judges will be casting their votes based on the following four elements: originality (worth 25 percent), presentation (worth 25 percent), emotional impact (worth 25 percent), relevance to Pride theme (worth 25 percent).

It is encouraged that you bring your real A-game by mustering up some extra sappy stuff that just might make the judges cry.

And the best part of it all?

The winner of the $100,000 prize will be announced on none other than MY BIRTHDAY, July 5, 2017.

All right, with that, I'll leave you. GOOD DAY, AND GOOD LUCK.

Also, if you win, and you heard about it here, I better snag an invite to your swaggy wedding.