How To Tie Down The Alpha Male: The Cinderella Method

by Anna Madsen

Numerous books, extensive literature and TV-shows have been presented with the simple goal of teaching women how to make powerful men notice and fall in love with them. The notorious best-seller The Rules, by Ellen Fein and Sherry Schneider, praises prudery and states that the longer a woman waits and teases a guy to have sex with her, the more he will desire her – the authors provide several pieces of evidence later in the book to support their argument.

Another extreme was portrayed in the HBO hit series Sex and the City, where the main character Carrie Bradshaw sleeps with Mr. Big on the first date, but still ends up with both the ring and the Park Avenue apartment.

Clearly these two examples communicate two overtly disparate messages, which leaves girls both confused and annoyed. What is even more frustrating is that neither of these messages are correct.

In my experience, the only story you need to know in order to tie-down a man of class is the fairytale of Cinderella.

1. Be the most gorgeous girl of the night

This step is probably the most important. As studies prove, men react as much as 2-3 times stronger to visual stimuli than women, so it is extremely important that he finds you attractive. Cinderella was noticed by the prince at the ball when she wore an amazing, sparkly dress. He would not have noticed her if she had been wearing her normal French maiden outfit (unless he was into that kinky maid get-up).

However, as Helena Rubenstein has said:

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. Go to the gym. Get sexy clothes. Get a nose job. The more attractive you are, the more male attention you will get. This is a fact. But remember, you also need a great personality.

2. Wait for his invitation

Once you have his attention, wait for his invitation. It might not be to a party at his castle, but even just a sign that he wants to see you. Mind the importance of “wait for his invitation." Do not, under any circumstances, contact him first. Not even if he gives you his business card. Not even if he tells you to call him!

The prince invited Cinderella to his ball, not the other way around. Alpha-men like to feel like they are in control, and that they are the ones making the calls. If you are free when he calls, accept the offer.

Like Samantha Jones put it: "Don’t play hard to get with a man who’s hard to get." If you repeatedly present a lame excuse, he will think that you are treating him like a loser. High profile guys hate this. Also, at this stage he’s probably just fishing around, inviting loads of girls out. The prince did invite every maid in the kingdom to the ball. Therefore, save the “play hard-to-get” act for when he truly understands what he’s missing (see step 6). Don’t get me wrong, guys love to chase. But a pretty face like yours in NYC, Paris or London is not enough for having a baller’s full attention. You need to give him more.

3. Act impressed and feed his ego

While out on a date, the typical Alpha-man will try to impress you with stories of this and that – boats, cars, apartments. So play the game, act impressed. Indulge him. He will think that he finally found a girl who sees his true potential. Give him loads of compliments and show appreciation. He will soon be drawing parallels between you and the other woman who he loves above all: his mother.

Bingo, you’re in. For Cinderella, the ball at the castle was the event of her life that she dreamed of often.

Without going that far, make sure that he knows that you love his company and are impressed with everything that he offers. High profile men want to be with women who view at them as royalty. If your stomach cannot handle that, then I would recommend you to pursue the Beta Male instead.

4. Always leave him wanting more

Cinderella left the prince in despair at midnight. In our times, that might be just when you are heading off to the club, so do not apply the same timing, only the idea. Always leave a little bit earlier than everyone else. Finish the conversation first.

Like they say on Wall Street: ABC – Always Be Closing. This adds a bit of mystery for the Alpha male who gets bored quickly. Now he will never get tired of your company. Instead, he will be banging his head against the wall and asking himself why you left so suddenly. Good, let him! He will be demanding to see you again.

5. Leave something behind for him to remember you by

Cinderella knew exactly what she was doing when she left behind the glass shoe. In modern society, a number or e-mail works fine. But if you already advanced into the game, go even further – make-up, lingerie, jewelry or perfume will all remind him of you and give him an excuse to see you again.

If the shoe fits, you will have your Alpha male exactly where you want him: by your feet.

Anna M Madsen | Elite.