33 Thoughts You Have On Your First Trip With Your SO

by Blair Thill

When you take that first trip without your parents, it's a pretty big milestone. But when you take your first trip with your significant other? That's a make-or-break moment in the lifespan of your relationship.

Think about vacations you've taken with your friend group. When all is said and done, we've all had those friends whom we realized we should never travel with again. That's your friend, so you can make those decisions and stand by them.

Yet if you feel that way about your girlfriend or boyfriend, that's it. You won't be able to avoid another trip (hello, honeymoon). That means one of you has to change — or it's curtains for your love story.

And if the trip goes well? That proves that the two of you are partners in crime. You can conquer the world together. Your relationship has the potential to go to the distance (pun intended).

With all of these pressures, there are a lot of thoughts swirling through your head during the entire cycle of your trip. Here's what you'll be thinking before, during and after your first trip with your SO.

Before the trip...

1. I am SO EXCITED for this trip.

2. It's our first trip together. This is going to be so romantic.

3. I can't wait to really get to know him and hear his stories.

4. But what if I don't like what I find out? What if I can't handle it?

5. Oh man, this first trip could really make or break our relationship.

6. What if we don't agree on our itinerary?

7. What if he's one of those people who likes to lollygag at a coffee shop instead of explore?

8. Ugh we're going to be sharing a bathroom! What a nightmare.

9. Should we share toiletries, or should I bring my own?

10. Can I use his phone charger? Or is he gonna be weird about it?

11. How are we handling the money situation?

12. I swear, if he checks his bag, I will never look at him the same way again.

…during the trip…

13. Phew, he didn't check his bag.

14. How couple-y are we going to be on this trip?

15. Are we going to hold hands everywhere we go?

16. My hands get too sweaty for that.

17. Should we send postcards as a couple?

18. That's incredibly cheesy…but really sweet.

19. I hope my ex doesn't text me during this trip.

20. It's only been a day and I'm already at the end of my rope with this sharing a bathroom thing.

21. We haven't run out of things to talk about, that's a plus.

22. I like that we can just be together, no speaking.

23. He got the first couple of bills, should I get the next few? Should we start splitting?

24. I don't want to bring that up and get us into a fight.

25. What if we fight? That's going to make it really awkward.

26. If he annoys me, where am I supposed to go?

27. I need some alone time to avoid fighting. Also, to go to the bathroom.

28. Ugh I hate it when he won't admit that he's wrong.

29. But the way he sleeps is really cute.

…after the trip.

30. We survived our first trip!

31. He only annoyed me like 30 percent of the time. I like those odds.

32. I think he really might be the one.

33. Man, I love him.

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