The 3 Things Guys Can Do To Score A Second Date, According To A Woman

by Joy Pecoraro

We are all familiar with the cheesy (but true) sayings, "chivalry isn't dead," "you have two ears and one mouth for a reason" and "get to know her heart."

Yet the older I get and the more my dating resume grows, the more I realize not enough men reference those cheesy one-liners. And honestly, they should.

As a woman, there are a few behavioral traits that will instantly either make me like you more or ruin your chances of a second date.

Dating can be exhausting, so why not discuss some of the things that can help the dating process go a bit more smoothly so our fingers don't get tired from swiping left or right?

Regardless of your age, socioeconomic status, geographical location, astrological sign or the length of your hair, here are some of the biggest turn-ons for women:

1. Pay for the first date.

No, we're not trying to take 50 percent of your 401(k). And no, we're not trying to say we're looking to be dependent on you, either.

It's 2017. We get it. Yes, women are still fighting for equal rights and minimizing the pay gap, but that doesn't mean all of us want to forget how to be treated like a lady.

We want you to show us that chivalry really isn't dead. If a woman is asked to go on a date, do you honestly want her acting like your roommate by paying for half or all of the bill?

At the core, women still want to feel protected, regardless of whether or not she's a #bossbabe. Women want to be the boss of their own life, not of yours or another potential suitor.

So next time she goes for "the reach," make sure she knows you're more than happy to be the one taking care of plans that evening. It will exponentially increase your chances of a second date.

2. Genuinely listen to us.

If the conversation ends with "how was your day?" then you are missing a lot of opportunity here. That's a pretty basic question since you're likely to ask the Amazon Prime delivery person the same thing.

When men don't elaborate on topics that are clearly important to us, it shows women that you are not listening. And if you're not listening, what are you doing when we're sitting across from you?

We understand you're not our girl friends, but is it that hard to follow up on subjects we just spent 27 minutes talking about?

If a woman goes off on a tangent about something specific, pay attention. More often than not, it means the thing she was talking about is super duper important.

So next time you see us, ask about the topic we spent so long talking about. You would be surprised at how far genuine interest will get you.

3. Be empathetic toward other people.

I was once on a date with a man who did not understand the concept of non-profit organizations trying to help kids in need. I, on the other hand, am a marshmallow inside and cannot stand the thought of children suffering in any way.

But he argued that once people were born into a negative environment, they were a lost cause.

Guys, don't do that.

Nothing will pull on our heartstrings more than us knowing you have a greater understanding of humanity and that you take the initiative to help other people who are less fortunate than you are. It's a selfless act that will never go out of style.

Women love a man who can step outside of himself for the greater common good because it shows you are likely to be compassionate and empathetic in other areas of your life, too.

Safety and protection are key, so if we know our hearts (and maybe our homes one day) will be guarded under your selfless guidance, that's a guaranteed turn-on to last a lifetime.