6 Things You May Be Inadvertently Doing That Are Pushing Him Away

by Kyle C.
Dylan M Howell Photography

There are lots of reasons a man may be losing interest in you and your relationship. While a few reasons have nothing to do with you, you do have the power to avoid many of them.

Here are the six most common reasons he's starting to pull away from you:

1. You're investing in him too soon.

In many situations, women want to jump into a relationship much faster than men do. This is perhaps because women tend to be more mature and goal-oriented.

But the thing is, investing in him before he invests in you turns him off instantly. I've said it numerous times before, and I'll say it again: Men love challenges. We like to chase you. The fun of the chase, the butterflies in the stomach, the tension and the excitement just fade away if there isn't any type of challenge.

So, stop rushing things. Stop making it obvious you like him right from the start. Make the guy work for your affection. Let him want a relationship in the first place, and let him try to convince you to accept it instead.

Overall, let that man see your value. Let him prove his worth before getting to the commitment part. This way, not only will you get him to commit, but you'll also have a lot more fun getting there.

2. You're not the woman he thought you were.

Commitment can — and will — change many smart and beautiful people, but not always in a positive way.

At first, many people are fun and easygoing. However, once they become familiar with their partners, they can turn into different people. They completely change from who they were in the beginning of the relationship.

Now, if the guy you're seeing is truly in love with you, there's a chance any adjustment period will be just that: a period. Still, if your boyfriend isn't blinded by love, he will notice this major shift.

He won't like it. Naturally, he wants to be with the fun and easygoing person he approached and thought you were. He'll definitely not settle for the person whose demeanor has completely changed, and you'll be the one whose pushing him away.

Try to not let your daily life and work stress affect your relationship too much. Though it may sometimes seem hard, this is the right attitude to adopt.

3. You're becoming too attached.

Every woman and man wants an independent and strong partner. It is much more comfortable for both genders. You need a relationship in which you know you can count on the other person.

Men want to feel needed, but they don't want to feel used or exploited. The best way to stay independent is to have your own life, support yourself, have your own friends and hobbies and altogether preserve your individuality.

In the end, being the “significant other” doesn't mean giving up on yourself. Rather, enhance who you are to become a better version of yourself as both a person and a partner. Only when you improve as a person can you start improving as a partner.

4. You're taking charge of his life.

This is the opposite of being clingy. There are people who become dominant once they get someone to commit. They no longer like their partner's habits, friends, career or pretty much anything their partner does or doesn't do.

Naturally, every guy wants to be liked and loved for who he is as a person, and not for the person he might become. Even in the cases where someone does succeed in changing his life, this person will no longer find him attractive and exciting to be with because he won't be his own person anymore.

Keep your relationship balanced by having your own life and letting him have his. This way, you will be much happier with yourself, him and the relationship. Obviously, he will also be much more comfortable and happy with you and what you have together.

5. You're not doing interesting things together.

Daily routine can get to you, especially when you're in a long and stable relationship. Things get stale when you do the same things again and again and plan everything ahead of time. Adventure and surprise work wonders in both new and old relationships simply because the couple is challenged to face new situations and learn more about one another.

Building up memories from the things you undertake outside your daily routine is actually what makes your bond much more solid and durable. So, never give up your adventurous spirit. Dare to surprise him in various ways, and you'll see that your relationship dynamic will greatly improve.

6. You don't have the same chemistry.

Sex is a major issue in any relationship. Although most people acknowledge its importance, very few people go that extra mile in giving their significant others an absolutely amazing experience.

The quality and regularity of sex is one of the most important things in a relationship. Therefore, we should all be making the extra effort to connect between the sheets. Try to spice things up every now and then, and you'll both make each other feel amazing.

Sex is the most intimate experience you'll ever share, so make the most of it.

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