Here's The One Thing All Grooms Forget To Do On Their Wedding Day

No matter how chill you are as a human being, your wedding day will be one of those days that will rattle you up a bit.

Let me be blunt here: Weddings are stressful. They are chaotic. They are emotional and often for the wrong reason. A family member may say something unexpectedly rude. A groomsman may have swallowed one too many tequila shots before it's time to walk down the aisle. No matter how many bags you rip apart and suitcases you search, the rings may not be where you swear you put them the night before.

Either way, weddings can easily become one big ball of anxiety that has the bride, the groom and their respective friends and families rolling around in nervous jitters and unwarranted tears.

If you're gearing up to be a groom-to-be and wondering what you can do on your wedding day to rally the troops together and make sure the wedding stays on track (and doesn't start to look like a scene that would fit nicely into a "Real Housewives" episode), make sure you don't forget to do the number one thing grooms seem to always forget to do on the day of their wedding.

Here is the secret, grooms: Remember to tell your bride that you love her. Without this reminder, you might not say it all day. Unless you wrote your own vows and it's in them, then you'll say it. But then, it will be public.

I'm talking about doing it in private. Do it in a way that lets her know no matter how many different people or emotions try to hijack this day, your wedding is about one thing and one thing only: the love you have for each other.

Nobody is going to blame you or even notice if you forget to do this. Even though you won't be sitting down in front of a glam squad for hours on the morning of your wedding, you will be busy, too. Maybe you'll be playing golf with the groomsmen or you'll be playing a quick game of ball with them. Either way, you may be trying to calm down your nerves too much to remember to do anything, except for finding those rings.

So, here's a trick. Write your “I love you” down in a note. Include what it was about you and her that made you fall madly in love with her and why you can't wait to spend forever with her. Write it down in a card, and then give that card to someone you trust. Ask them to deliver it to her bright and early on the wedding day. This gift alone is worth everything.

It'll make your whole wedding day feel complete, no matter what crazy antic that cousin of yours pulls during the reception.