Orlando Bloom's skinny-dipping Instagram is prompting funny reactions on Twitter.

These Tweets About Orlando Bloom Going Skinny-Dipping Are Unreal

The peach emoji has never been more fitting.

Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

Apparently, old habits die hard, and Orlando Bloom’s latest skinny-dipping adventure is proof. In case you need a little refresher, the actor was photographed skinny-dipping and paddleboarding in the nude while on vacation in Italy back in 2016. Everyone promptly freaked out. And based on his Aug. 15 Instagram post, it looks like Bloom is back to enjoying swimming in the buff. Cue everyone freaking out, part two.

On Aug. 15, Bloom posted a series of photos (plus a video!) of him being ~one~ with nature at a public lake. He also shared a picture of his bare backside with a thumbs up. (Casual.) There were people across the lake from him, though Bloom preserved his modesty by holding some clothes in front of his body. He added a mildly NSFW caption to the mildly NSFW photo: “💦💦💦.”

To keep things somewhat PG, also Bloom put a peach emoji right where you would expect it to be — directly over his butt. Not to mention, he tagged the peach as longtime love Katy Perry. Obvi, she had the perfect response. Perry commented on the post, “babe I leave you for two days.” In Bloom’s defense, who hasn’t felt the need to go skinny-dipping when their SO goes away for the weekend?

Perry was far from the only one who had a funny reaction to Bloom’s IG post (though hers is probably my favorite). Twitter users also had plenty to say about his photos, his use of the peach emoji, and his love of skinny-dipping in general.

Whether he’s dressed like a pirate, an elf, or not dressed at all, Orlando Bloom has plenty of fans. Plus, pretty much all of them seemed to agree on one thing: Orlando Bloom is a skinny-dipping legend (even if his emoji choices are a little too on the nose).