These Stunning Honeymoon Photos From 1939 Will Show You What Real Romance Is

When Barney Britton set time aside to clean out his grandmother's attic, he unearthed a stellar, intimate time capsule of sorts.

Britton came across a series of photos shot by his grandparents, Margaret and Denys Gardiner, during their honeymoon in 1939. The family believed the photos were lost long ago.

This series details a sentimental escape for the newly weds, who were married at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Hampstead, London.

Following their marriage, the couple explored the English countryside together, capturing their adventures (and apparent bliss) with 35mm Agfacolor film, a rarity for the times.

These photos are wistful and romantic, and are as artful as they are heartwarming. Not long after these photos were taken, WWII erupted.

Luckily for the happy couple, the war did not separate them and they lived a long and happy life together.

Denys passed away at the age of 79, in 1995, and Margaret passed in February of this year at the age of 100.

H/T: Huffington Post, Photos Courtesy: Barney Britton