The Type Of Person You Deserve Will Never Make You Settle

by Paul Hudson

Perfection is the world’s most appealing impossibility. It’s both incredibly enticing and logically improbable – in every case and scenario. When considering our ideal life partners, we should be wary looking for such perfection. We are all flawed animals, striving to grasp an ideal that is out of our reach.

So if we aren’t looking for perfect, then what exactly are we looking for? Surely, we all have certain characteristics that we find especially appealing in a potential partner, but what’s most important isn’t so much the individual.

What’s most important is how that person interacts with you, how that person treats you. In the end, we’re not looking for perfect. We’re looking for perfect for us. You want, no, you deserve a partner who treats you perfectly.

You deserve someone who cares about you. Finding someone who cares about what you can do for him or her is easy, but finding a person who cares about you because he or she believes you to be one of, if not the most important, aspect of his or her life is much more difficult.

You deserve someone who cares about your safety and well-being, who cares about the way you feel, who cares about the things you do and the things that occur in your life. You deserve someone who doesn’t have to tell you that he or she cares because you already know that he or she does.

You deserve someone who brings happiness to your life. Most of the people we interact with in our lives manage to do little more than annoy us or try to use us as means to their own ends. Most people will make your life more difficult, more complicated, more stressful and more miserable.

You deserve better. You deserve a person in your life who brings a smile to your face the second he or she walks into the room. You deserve someone who makes you laugh, fills you with energy and joy. You deserve someone who makes you feel more alive than you have ever felt before.

You deserve a partner – a real partner. Not only a partner on paper, but a partner in crime, a partner in joy, a partner in sadness, a partner in all the difficult situations you will find yourself in throughout your lifetime.

You deserve a partner who will be there for you, who will always have your back, always take your side, always catch you when you fall, a partner who will never give up on you or walk out on you. Most importantly, you deserve a partner who's there for you because he or she wants to be there for you, not because it feels like it’s his or her responsibility to do so. You deserve someone who loves you.

You deserve someone who will take care of you when you’re sick, who will bring you chicken soup, who will hold your hair back when you’re throwing up in the toilet and then clean up after you without a single hint of protest. You deserve someone who will care for you better than he or she cares for him or herself because, to this person, you are more important.

You deserve someone willing to lose an argument. Someone who will only tell you lies when it’s lies that you want to hear. Someone who will hold your hand, lie with you in bed for hours, look into your eyes because that’s where this person feels most comfortable.

You deserve someone willing to make a fool out of him or herself for you, someone willing to sacrifice for you, work for you, fight for you, cry for you, die for you.

You deserve someone who makes you want to be a better person. Someone who shows you your true potential and believes in you. You deserve someone who’s willing to run alongside you as you fight your battles, encouraging you to keep running, keep pushing, keep reaching for your goals. You deserve a person in your life who will never allow you to stop dreaming, to stop believing that anything in life is possible.

You deserve to have a person in your life who is beautifully flawed, who doesn’t have all the answers, but is willing to search for them with you. You deserve someone who truly knows how to live life and – more importantly – someone who wants to share that life with you. You deserve someone to care for, to hold, to love. You deserve such an individual because you’re a good person and good people deserve good people in their lives.

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