The Science Of Love Tries To Break Down What The 'Friend Zone' Actually Is (Video)

Let's ask that age-old question one more time: Can man and woman really ever be "just friends"?

We've already dissected our generation's obsession with the friend zone," and this week's webisode of "The Science of Love" was dedicated to debating this hot-button issue.

According to the dubious doctors over at Soul Pancake, men and women may not be biologically wired to be platonic buddies, but if you want to thrive in the modern world, you've got to be OK with finding yourself in the friend zone every now and again.

All this might seem confusing, but in this video you've got a group of guys and girls who, slightly awkwardly, try to figure it all out.

The bottom line? While we know pretty well what it is that we want and need in a friendship, determining what our would-be friends are looking for can be slightly more challenging.

So, the next time you're fighting the friend zone, remember this clip: it's probably a good thing.