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What If You Meet The Right Person At The Wrong Time? 14 Guys Share Their Story

People have very polarizing opinions on the idea of "wrong timing." Some people believe that starting a new job, just getting out of a relationship, or whatever else would constitute as "wrong timing" isn't a real reason to avoid being with someone. They believe if you meet someone whom you know in your heart you should date, you'll do whatever you need to do to make it work. Others believe "wrong timing" is a totally valid excuse to not date someone, and that the right person at the wrong time is still the wrong person.

Personally, I think you absolutely can meet the right person at the wrong time, but I also think that wrong timing is a bullsh*t excuse used by a lot of people who want to avoid commitment. In short, like many things in dating, I think it just depends. I realize this is not the simplest answer, but when I subscribe to this ideology, I tend to be more successful with men.

The men of Reddit are here to prove that meeting the right person at the wrong time is a totally legit thing that happens. They've bravely shared their heartwarming tales of meeting the perfect women during a time in their lives where either they or the woman couldn't commit.

He met her while he was stationed in Tokyo.

She didn't want to do long-distance.

He pursued her even though she had a boyfriend.

They both kept trying to mature on their own.

He was too young for something so serious.

They were both too stressed with school.

He hated where she lived.

She left for the Peace Corps.

He let his religion get in the way of being with her.

They were going to different colleges.

Language barriers messed them up.

He had to move back home, 600 miles away, after meeting her.

They were both in relationships.

She knew if she kept dating him, they'd get married.

I believe, you guys. I believe.

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