The 5 Rules Any Girl Needs To Abide By With Her Friend-With-Benefits

by Shitika Anand

Friends with benefits. One-night stand. No strings attached. Sex buddies. Give it whatever label you wish; this is one relationship that doesn’t beg for a second helping and can be void of commitment.

Let’s be honest, casual sex is fun. Think about it — it’s devoid of inhibitions, pressure, body image worries and judgment.

It’s about having that “special bond” with someone in which you enter, perform and then exit stage left without waiting for the room to applaud.

You’re not required to cuddle, not expected to eat breakfast together and sneaking out at 4 am is completely acceptable. No questions asked, no future family planning spoken about and no awkward toilet runs made.

Though Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis couldn’t handle this scenario  in “Friends With Benefits” doesn’t mean the idea of an open relationship should be discounted; there’s only so much life advice Hollywood can offer.

Plus, who really recalls anything from the movie (apart the perfect dimensions of JT’s bum)?

However, apart from the instant gratification you can get from doing the deed, there comes a certain level of delicate etiquette that need to be handled when engaging in casual sex.

So, to avoid this biological mess of hormones and miscommunication that may ensue from a friends-with-benefits situation, check out these five rules to follow, ladies:

Don’t stay over at his place:

Every muscle in your body will fight you against this, especially when his gorgeous naked body is daring you to pounce upon it. But, I have three words for you: don’t sleep over.

Get up, put on your clothes and leave his abode. Give your partner a small window of time when you’ll be available for him; this could be during lunch break or post-Sunday brunch — but use that time for sex… and only sex.

The more time you give each other to chat and grow closer, the more chances you’ll have to get emotionally attached. Women tie sex to emotions, so the more cuddly you grow, the more likely you are to fall for him.

Don’t do anything that translates to a ‘date’:

Remember why you’re doing this – it’s just a tryst. Make sure you stay on the same page as your partner regarding the level of commitment when you’re hooking up on a regular basis.

Don’t go on dates — no movies, no fancy dinners and no meeting-the-family business. You must avoid the romantic traps that relationships bring.

Repeat to yourself – “this is not about love” – numerous times:

Sure, you and your partner might have some kind of connection, hence why you’re in each other’s pants. But you need to remind yourself that this feeling of pleasure in which you’re enveloped post-sex is merely the result of your shagging — nothing else.

It’s basic chemistry and biology and you did not “make love,” so there will not be a “happily ever after” and this was just a physical relief.

Don’t put up with his crap:

Your partner is lucky to have no-strings-attached sex with you; don’t let him take advantage of the situation and treat you badly.

Be demanding if you have to be, because you’re in this just as much as he is and have as much authority in being his temporary lover. The minute you start to feel used and unappreciated, step back and walk away; protect yourself.

Get wild ‘n dirty:

If it’s just a casual fling, then you don’t need to worry about getting embarrassed about your wild sexual fantasies. There is no better opportunity than this to get kinky in the bedroom and master your moves.

Top Photo Courtesy: Fanpop