9 Reasons My Summer Fling Will Keep Me Warm In The Winter

by Nicole Cannizzaro

This summer was the best one of my life, and I definitely think a huge part of that has to be credited to my summer fling.

This isn't necessarily because of him, but because of the freedom and independence I gained from being with him.

Every relationship teaches you something about yourself. So what's better than a lighthearted, easygoing relationship that doesn't end sourly?

When you have a fling, you also have room to figure out what you want in a partner.

I know I sound like I’m exaggerating the benefits of a relationship that can basically be considered a glamorized hookup, but being in a summer fling has shockingly taught me a lot about myself, others and even life in general.

Go into a fling open and honest, and I guarantee you’ll be surprised by the effects it has on your life.

With my fling, we both agreed we didn’t want anything serious. But, we enjoyed each other’s company in more ways than one.

We had nights where we'd go out with each other’s friends, and we had nights where we’d Netflix and chill.

When you’re in a summer fling, you'll find yourself discovering things you actually can say "thank you" for.

1. Thank you for staying in the honeymoon phase with me.

Honestly, what’s better than the honeymoon phase?

It’s all new and exciting, you don’t have anything to fight about and you’re enjoying learning all of these new things about each other.

When you have a summer fling, the honeymoon never ends because it never gets serious.

2. Thank you for making me feel pretty.

Just because someone is a fling, it doesn’t mean he's a tool.

If you’re smart, you’ll still go for a decent human being. He'll always compliment and appreciate you.

3. Thank you for giving me a song that doesn’t make me cringe.

When you spend a lot of time with someone, there will be songs that remind you of him or her.

If you’re single, all of the songs that remind you of your exes will most likely make you angry or upset.

This isn't the case with your fling. These songs will make you smile or laugh because there’s no horrible breakup or drama associated with the memories.

4. Thank you for letting me be myself.

When you know your intentions, it’s freeing.

With a fling, you aren’t concerned with the usual early relationship precautions of always looking your best or controlling your annoying habits.

You’ll be okay being yourself in front of your fling because you know you aren’t going to be together forever, anyway.

5. Thank you for giving me my space.

Nothing’s worse than being suffocated in a relationship. When you have a fling, you can dictate the amount you see or talk to each other.

You’re free to live however you want, while still having someone there when you feel like it.

6. Thank you for getting a little jealous and protective.

If you’re having a good fling, deeper feelings might emerge. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to be strong enough to change your intentions.

It’s probably safe to say, toward the end of your past relationships, you may have experienced jealousy. Jealousy is ugly, but only when you let it affect and consume you.

But when my fling got a little jealous, it made me feel good because he actually saw me as a human being, not just a hook-up buddy.

7. Thank you for being honest with me.

Trust issues ruin most relationships.

However, flings are honest because they're not serious.

8. Thank you for being a friend.

Whether it was helping me with my flat tire or even keeping in touch after I went back to college, our memories formed a friendship.

Just because a fling ends, it doesn't mean the friendship does.

9. Thank you for showing me not everyone you care about is your soulmate.

This is by far the biggest thing I’m thankful for.

I love being in committed relationships, and that leads me to staying in some that are unworthy of my time.

It’s surprising that having an uncommitted relationship with someone I genuinely liked and appreciated showed me not everyone you care about is the person you should spend your life with.

Instead of looking for a lasting relationship with him, I appreciated the things he was. I realized not everything has to last forever in order for it to be worth it.