10 Times Disney Characters Perfectly Depicted Our Future Boyfriends

by Alex Hopkins

It’s every girl’s dream: find a Prince Charming and live happily ever after. Yet, what most of us don’t realize is that we have found the dreamboats depicted in the Disney films of our youth; we just haven't seen the happily-ever-after.

Growing up, we’ve all watched the classic Disney movies, which showed us that we, too, can find true love. One thing is certain: Most men in the Disney kingdom actually translate to the men in our world... but it doesn’t mean we have to love them all.

You may be surprised at the number of Disney characters you’ve actually dated. So, which princes have you attempted to live happily ever after with? Here’s a list of 10 you may have come across:

1. Gaston

Also known as: The Douchebag

Often Spotted: At the gym, purchasing Muscle Milk or simply taking a glory walk to display his muscular physique.

He’s handsome, but chances are when given the choice between you and his ego, the ego will always win. He has envisioned a life for himself as the utmost impressive human being, but he's missing one thing: you.

Most likely, he thinks that fulfilling his every need is your lifelong wish. He’s extremely possessive and will literally try to fight off any male he views as a threat.

Forget about having any guy friends while dating this dude. He may also be illiterate or cognitively incompetent, unable to comprehend anything you are saying to him. Belle had it right: Dogs over douchebags.

Redeeming Quality: He probably looks better with his shirt off.

2. Prince Eric

Also known as: The Tease

Often Spotted: Basking in the beauty of nature, contemplating life, cuddling with furry animals, being sensitive.

He’s perfect! His hair blows in the wind like a prime Ralph Lauren model at a beach shoot. He’s everything you could have asked for: kind, empathetic and truly looking to settle down and find the love of his life.

...But it’s not you. He will show you all of his positive qualities, even make you think he’s going to fall for you. Then, WHAM! He goes for another woman. It's almost as if she jumped right out of the sea!

Just as you were finishing your wedding board on Pinterest, you’ve been rejected. This boy will always lead you on. It’s time to throw this one back into the water and move on.

Redeeming Quality: He’s a solid friend. FRIEND.

3. Aladdin

Also known as: The Poser

Often Spotted: Doing the opposite of what he told you.

This guy is slick -- too slick. He knows the right things to say because he’s done this before. He’s basically a relationship con artist. He completely changes who he is just to impress you.

Warning signs that you may have found an Aladdin include constantly talking about his achievements, his wealth and his status, but never actually showing proof of said titles. He is a bona fide liar. Then again, magic carpets and talking parrots exist, right?

Redeeming Quality: He has a great sense of adventure.

4. Flynn Rider

Also known as: The Delinquent

Often Spotted: In jail, on probation and on "Wanted" signs.

Oh, he’s bad; he’s real bad. You may often find this boy during your rebellious stage. He certainly shows you how to live as a free spirit, and by free, I mean legally for the moment.

He most likely loves his drugs (or is a drug dealer) and may even see you as one, creating an ambience of passion between you two. But how long can you really deal with his need for speed (both the drug and probably driving)?

It’s hot and it’s temporary. There is no future with this boy, and most likely, there is no future for this boy. This boy cannot be healed, no matter how strong your hair is.

Redeeming Quality: ehhhh...

5. (or 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11) The Seven Dwarfs:

Also known as: The Bros

Often Spotted: Playing beer pong, lounging in the apartment, watching sports and basically any other activity that involves each other.

When you first meet this boy, he seems like an independent, grounded guy. Little do you know, the strangers standing a few feet away are actually his biffles.

The more you hang out, the more you realize that you’re not just dating this one guy; you’re dating his entire friend group. He and his bros are inseparable. In order to spend any time with him, you must constantly hangout with his friends.

This is often common with fraternity boys. After all, much like a frat house, they all have their reputations: Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy, and by golly, I sure hope you are the fairest of them all.

Redeeming Quality: The more, the merrier.

6. Olaf

Also known as: The Class Clown

Often Spotted: Cracking jokes, laughing, fist bumping.

Oh how adorable is this boy? He’s the funniest guy you’ve ever met and you find his humor irresistible. But then you start to realize that his humor is actually a mechanism to hide his facetious attitude.

He cannot and will not take you seriously. If ever empathy is needed, do not expect it from this guy. You’ll start to realize that he’s undateable. Any future with this guy is a joke, literally.

Redeeming Quality: He’s frickin' hilarious!

7. Peter Pan

Need I say more? Grow up, PP, grow up.

8. Simba

Also known as: The Childhood Friend

Often Spotted: Doing everything with you.

He’s the boy you’ve known forever. This means he knows you better than anyone else does. You guys can tell each other everything and even partake in activities such as fart jokes and other embarrassing pastimes.

Yay, intimacy! Keep in mind, however, there will be a friend zone to overcome at some point if you ever plan on taking this relationship to the next level. Chances are this could get really awkward. But, hey, maybe it’ll work out. Hakuna Matata!

Redeeming Quality: He'll be there for you no matter how awkward things get.

9. Quasimodo

Also known as: The Secret Crush

Often Spotted: Nowhere.

This could be someone you just wouldn’t expect to fall for. It may be the smart, dorky boy or the stoner boy who repulses you and infatuates you all at the same time.

He’s usually an introvert and tends to stay away from the social scene. This makes it difficult to contact him or even date him. Yet, your attraction to him is so strong that you still pursue it.

You haven’t told your friends about him because you are nervous as to what they may think. Either you have a private shame for this attraction or just sheer embarrassment. If you have to hide this boy, it probably won’t last. There will be no bells ringing in your future.

Redeeming Quality: He probably doesn’t even know you are into him, so no sweat!

10. Hercules

Also known as: The One

Often Spotted: Showcasing his chivalry, pondering his affections, being charmingly awkward.

Who doesn’t want a sexy, strong man who will risk his life to save yours? He’s a protector; he’s a lover, and he had an awkward stage, so he doesn’t even realize just how perfect he is.

He’s athletic, but still capable of writing infinite love poems on the reg. Chances are he will remain loyal, successful and passionate -- not to mention he has impeccable physique and manly cleft chin.

He comes from a stable family with loving parents (regardless of whether he was adopted or not). He feels a greater purpose for himself, but needs you by his side to fully enjoy it. With this one, you can go the distance.

Redeeming Quality: Nothing because everything is perfect about Hercules!

Photo Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures/The Little Mermaid