Coming In Way Too Hot: 8 Telltale Signs You're Creeping Rather Than Courting

by Sam Maracic

Hey, we’ve all been there. You meet someone, think he or she is cool and BAM! You’re suddenly convinced there’s a connection to be made. While these feelings are exciting and totally normal, there is a time and place for all interactions.

So, in the spirit of not sending others running for the nearest exit, here are some telltale signs you’re coming on way too strong, and in doing so, probably breaking every rule that defines socially appropriate behavior. No offense.


Whether it's down the street or in a crowded bar, physically chasing someone (regardless of stride count) is a violation of personal space. Not to mention, repeatedly doing this could definitely draw some unwanted attention from concerned onlookers.

Avoid the restraining order and navigate your way in another direction. There will be plenty of opportunities for associating with said person that do not require gaining a criminal record.

Liking his or her Instagram or Facebook pictures... from months ago

A little social media stalking is harmless, and we’d be lying if we said we aren’t all guilty of this indulgence to some degree or another. But publicizing the fact that you were clearly scrolling through photos from a very, very long time ago is a quick way to make someone uncomfortable.

Unless you’re really willing to claim that super old selfie got caught in an alternate universe and is only now finding its way to your newsfeed, fight the urge.

Repeat texting

Yes, there is a slight chance your text wasn’t received. It can happen. But twelve of them? No shot. If you're not getting a response, continuing to send question marks, emojis or tid-bits about your day will not make him or her answer any faster.

Desperation is not a good look on anyone, and when you throw yourself at people, you allow them to forget how awesome you actually are.

There’s no harm in having the bravery to go after what you want, but once you’ve gotten to this point, please step away from the iPhone.

Making unannounced appearances

Just because he or she was tagged at the happy hour across town does not mean you should show up alone and just happen to run into him or her unannounced. Yes, a tag in an online forum or through any medium of social media does technically make it public knowledge.

However, now that we are all acquainted with the balancing act that is real life and technology, you must remember that this is by no means an actual invitation.

Talking without actually “talking”

In a world packed with countless forms of communication, it is only natural for some scenarios to begin with the help of technology.

However, if you are actively conversing with someone of interest with the help of an electronic device, you must be able to follow that up with actual face-to-face interaction. After all, do you plan on dating his or her text messages?

Buddying up to his or her buddies

Making friends with this person's friends only to find your way into his or her circle isn’t just creepy, it’s also pretty rude.

If you want any shot of the friends actually liking you, using them certainly is not the way. Plus, for most people, the opinion of his or her friends matters.

Stay clear of messing that one up.

Completely disregarding his or her relationship status

If your unrequited love is in a relationship, bold advances of any kind need to remain out of the question. Whether we’re talking social media messaging, Gchat or a pigeon carrier, chasing someone who is already dating another person makes you look like a crappy human, which in turn, is unattractive and yes, creepy.

Lay low and do your thing. If it’s meant to be later on, it will happen. If not, at least your advances stopped being a source of comedy for a likely otherwise happy couple.

Drunken word vomit

If you know a person well enough to be able to contact him or her on occasion, do not abuse this privilege by taking it upon yourself to instigate drunken chatter. It is just about the quickest way to annoy anyone and everyone. Keep the conversation to sober scenarios and you're good as gold.

Photo via We Heart It