15 Genius Ways To Figure Out How Tall A Guy Is On A Dating App

by Candice Jalili
Chuck Lorre Productions

So you just matched with this certified hottie on Tinder and the banter is THROUGH THE ROOF, but since you're a solid 5'10'', you have just got to know how tall he is before committing to anything.

You don't want to risk looking like a total jerk by asking up front, but you SIMPLY. MUST. KNOW. So how do you find out without asking him, or ever meeting him in real life?

Don't worry, I have got you COVERED. Use these trusty tips to find out once and for all.

1. Compare him to his friends in a group picture.

Easiest trick in the book. Is he the tallest, the shortest or the most medium??

2. Ask what he thinks your kids will look like.

Does he describe them as "tall" or "short"? CLUES.

3. Casually send him a picture of Napoleon and see how he reacts.

If he's all like, "OMG that's my doppelganger!!" then you know for sure!

4. Ask him what a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner look like, servings wise.

A tall guy's going to have to eat more to fill up that big, tall body!

5. Offer up basketball as your first date and see how he reacts.

Is he awkward about it? MAYBE BECAUSE HE'S TOO SHORT TO PLAY.

6. Compare him to inanimate objects in his pictures.

If he doesn't give you people to work with, compare him to that tree in the background or the vase or the table.

7. Ask who his celebrity doppelganger is.

Is it someone tall or short?

8. Analyze the types of pictures he's posting.

Are they all solo pics so you can't compare him to anyone and bust him for the tall tree or teeny-tiny short person he is?!

9. Tell him you have some peanut butter you're craving but can't reach it on the high shelf and see how he reacts.

Does he say he would get it out for you if he was there!? Probably means he can REACH because he's so TALL.

10. Google his family members and see how tall they are.

Then guesstimate that he's somewhere between mom and dad's heights.

11. Get a ruler, measure how tall your tallest and shortest friends are in pictures on your phone, create a measurement scale (for example, 2 centimeters on phone = 1 feet in real life), and then use on pictures of him.

If you're more math brained, this might be a nice bet.

12. Ask him what his rapper name would be.

If he's "Lil" anything, he's probably short. If he's "Big" something, he's probably tall.

13. Ask how tall his dad is.

You're not technically asking how tall he is.

14. Say you like your men tall, dark and handsome and see how he reacts.

If he's all like, "But I'm not tall!" then you know.

15. Ask what sports he played in high school.

Basketball? TALL GUY ALERT.