What You Need To Hear If You're Considering Taking Back Your Cheating Ex

by Anne Cohen

If you're hoping to find the best possible match for yourself in life, you'll definitely be able to. However, it takes knowing what you want, having an open heart, knowing how to communicate well, being honest, and putting effort into things.

But it also takes many other things to find that one special someone who you can share and build a healthy and happy life with. Having said that, when you're in a relationship and your significant other cheats on you, you have to put an end to all the hopes of building that healthy and happy relationship.

When someone cheats on you, he or she doesn't love you. Or at least, he or she doesn't love you enough.

Someone who truly and utterly loves you would never cheat on you. People can debate this as much as they'd like, but it's a fact.

Relationships take hard work, and you can't expect anything in life to be easy. Everything and anything worthwhile requires that a certain amount of love and effort be put into it.

There are no free rides, no easy way outs and no shortcuts when it comes to building a healthy, loving and happy committed relationship.

When people say,"Once a cheater, always a cheater," they're really not all that far from the truth. There are two types of people in this world.

One of those types would never cheat under any circumstances. No, not even when they get confronted with temptation or desire. Then, there's the other type that would easily cheat.

These people get easily tempted. They settle for short-term light and longer-term darkness. They would rather enjoy the moment for its quick and instant gratification, despite the consequences.

When someone cheats, there's always a good chance that he or she will do it again. Even when someone has impure thoughts, feels attracted toward another person or even feels a certain amount of sexual chemistry with another person, if they knows their partner's worth and truly loves them, they will never cheat.

This especially goes for someone who is an enlightened individual. This person will be aware of the consequences that could arise.

Despite how much attraction you might feel toward another person, you should know that cheating is bad. You should be aware of all the damage this could cause to your partner, to you and to your existing relationship.

The consequences of cheating are intense, harsh and never worth that quick and immediate gratification. It's important to think before you do anything in life. But this is especially true when it comes to big decisions, like risking your relationship.

Cheating on your partner can cause so much damage. Many times, your partner will never be able to truly forgive you.

You shouldn't risk anything that's worth something to you in life. The fact of the matter is, if you don't love your partner enough to be faithful, then you shouldn't bother being with him or her at all. I don't believe that second chances in relationships should happen when someone cheats.

If a person chooses to stay in a relationship – and even more so, in a marriage – after their partner has cheated on them, that's their own personal preference. Whether it's for themselves or because of their fear of being alone, or even whether it's because they have children together, I personally wouldn't stay.

I believe that when the glass is broken, it's broken. When there's a certain amount of damage done in a relationship, there's really no way to turn back the clock, fix things or even start over.

As much as I believe that every day can be a beautiful chance at a new beginning, I also believe that when you take advantage of someone, you don't deserve another chance: at least, not with that person.

Someone who has a track record of cheating will likely do it again, despite how much this person might seem to love you. Like I said before, there are two types of people, and one of them would never cheat.