This Couple Had Their Dream Wedding At Costco, And TBH, This Goal Is Relatable AF

Saul Loeb/Getty Images

What does your dream wedding entail? Let me guess. Maybe you want the traditional church wedding at the same church you grew up going to as a kid? Or a beautiful vineyard wedding at a gorgeous Napa mansion? Perhaps a relaxing, laid-back destination wedding in St. Barths? Or maybe it's something more personal. Maybe it's at the restaurant where you had your first date, or the same venue your parents got married at, or at the beach where you two first met, or in your friend's backyard where you shared your first kiss. Well, all of those things are great, but Sue Berkeley and Eli Bob's Costco wedding took the whole "personal" wedding venue thing to a whole new level.

Yep, the Australian couple from Sydney decided to get married at Costco of all places. Why, you ask? Well, because they love Costco. "I get to spend another day at Costco, that I love," Berkeley explained in an interview with A Current Affair. "Where else can I get married to the one I love, in a place that I love, surrounded by the people I love?"

I mean, honestly, can you blame her? With free samples, delicious hot dogs (and pizza wraps! and soft serve!), friendly service, and everything you could ever possibly want or need for the rest of your life — from computers to diamond rings to comfy socks to Omaha steaks available in bulk — Costco is pretty much the closest thing to heaven on Earth. And I mean, who wouldn't want to get married in heaven?

If you're wondering what a Costco wedding looks like, let me paint you a little picture here. The nuptials took place in Australia Costco's Casula location. And how many guests do you get to invite to a Costco wedding? Apparently, you get to include a lot, considering the couple had 90 guests at their Costco nuptials this past Saturday.

The actual ceremony took place in the food court, which makes total sense, because obviously, everyone who's ever been to a Costco in their life can agree that the food court is the best part of your Costco shopping experience. Well, technically, it's the second best part if we're including the free samples.

Needless to say, the "aisle" was fairly simple to create with the shopping aisles already there. Berkeley was able to walk down the Costco aisle she loves so dearly, past the tire department, and toward the love of her life.

How much does a Costco wedding cost, you ask? Well, unfortunately, I don't have the exact facts and figures of how much it costs to rent out the store, but Mashable reports that, as far as food goes, it cost the couple less than AUS $10 per person to feed all of their 90 guests with everyone's favorite Costco comfort foods. (This shakes out to around $13 in the United States.) On the menu was all of our favorite staples, including pizza, hot dogs, and those pizza turnover thingies I just can't get enough of. As for refreshments, there was also an unlimited supply of fountain soda, according to Mashable. Because, duh.

If you're not too familiar with normal wedding costs, an estimate by Value Penguin suggests the average cost for food for a wedding is about $30 a head in the United States (about $38 dollars in Australia). So if that average is similar in Australia, that means the newlyweds were able to feed their guests for around a third of the average price! A third!

OK, now, it's time to delete all those wedding Pinterest boards you've spent years working on and start planning your new dream wedding... at Costco! Let's just hope your significant other is down for this plan.

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