People Lie About These 9 Things On First Dates, So You’d Better Pay Close Attention

by Candice Jalili

It's only natural to lie every now and then, especially when it comes to first dates.

I'm not saying it's normal to create a whole new identity for yourself. If you haven't won a Nobel Peace Prize, then it's probably not normal to lie about having won one.

But a little white lie to avoid having to really show your true colors is only normal. You know, like shaving off a few partners from your number or saying you make a little more than you actually do.

The intent behind these lies is obvious: We want the person we're on a date with to see us in a better light, so we tell a little, baby, white lie to make ourselves seem better than we actually are.

That being said, Dr. Helen Fisher, Match's Chief Scientific Advisor, says those lies are completely pointless when it comes to whether or not your date actually ends up liking you. She explains:

Those who tell white lies are no more likely to get a second date; no more likely to have gone on a date in the last year; and no more likely to have had sex.

So, yeah... those white lies you're telling are literally doing NOTHING to help your game.

That's probably why Match's Singles in America survey found that most singles (57 percent) don't even bother telling white lies when they're dating, while two-thirds even think lying is totally unacceptable.

But for the 43 percent of us who do find ourselves lying, sexual history tends to be the one thing we lie about the most.

Twenty-four percent of men and women are likely to have lied about the number of sexual partners they've had. But while women are more likely to decrease their number, men will usually both lower and increase their numbers (depending on what they think is best, I guess).

What other lies do people tend to tell on dates? Here are the most common ones ranked:

1. Sexual history (19.2 percent) 2. Dating history (17.6 percent) 3. Finances (11.8 percent) 4. Where you live (9.9 percent) 5. Age (8.3 percent) 6. Interests/hobbies (8.1 percent) 7. Job (6.2 percent) 8. Having kids (2.6 percent) 9. Being divorced (2.1 percent)

OK, honestly, I don't really blame anyone for lying about any of these topics. I would even go so far as to say I would rather someone lie to me about their sexual history on a first date.

The whole having kids thing though... you should probably just admit that right away. It'd be kind of hard to go along with that lie if your date decides they want to come over later, only to see your child right in front of them.

So, even if you didn't lie, bear in mind, there's a chance your date lied about one of these things.

But also bear in mind, you'd probably still like them whether or not they told the lie in the first place so, like, whatever.

At the end of the day, just stop lying. It's not worth it.

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