7 Serious Struggles Of Working With An Ex

The workplace romance: It's exciting. It's forbidden. Let's be honest, it's hot AF. But while it's all making out in the supply closet and sexting in the beginning, it's only a matter of time before things fall apart.

Regardless of whether your office was privy to your little liaison, the fact remains: Your co-worker who was your bae is now just your co-worker again, and it's arguably the most awkward thing ever.

The workplace has gone from being a sexy backdrop to your blossoming relationship to being, well, just an office again.

And to make matters worse, now you have to make nice with your ex on the daily, and if you want to maintain any shred of professional dignity, you probably have to act like nothing ever happened in the first place.

Calling it the worst thing ever would be the grossest of understatements.

Can't relate because you've never worked with an ex? There's still hope for you. Consider this fair warning.

Here are the seven most brutal parts of working with an ex.

1. You still have to see your ex's face first thing in the morning.

Going from waking up next to your boo to schlepping into work and seeing your EX-boo before you've even had your coffee isn't the easiest of transitions.

There's no such thing as going cold turkey on a relationship when you work with your ex. You're going to be reminded of his or her presence (or lack thereof) in your life every damn day. Depending on how things ended, this can be heartbreaking, infuriating or (more likely) a shitty combination of the two.

2. You can't vent about your breakup to your co-workers.

During a normal breakup, the office can be a much-needed refuge: You can complain about your ex to your work BFF during coffee breaks and drunk-cry about your lost love to your co-workers at happy hour.

But when your ex is a co-worker, bitching to work friends will inevitably lead to a wildfire of embarrassing and exaggerated gossip. And if you kept your relationship under wraps? Spilling the beans now would be a huge no-no. Bring on the silent suffering.

3. Every staff meeting becomes an active war zone.

Let's say things didn't exactly end well for you two. Now every company meeting turns into a deadly game of musical chairs as you try to avoid each other, and every question from your boss becomes an Olympic competition of which one of you can outshine the other.

Work is cutthroat enough without the added burden of trying to impress and one-up your ex.

4. People will choose sides, even if you don't ask them to.

If you do decide to open up to your work friends about what you're going through, don't be surprised when people immediately start taking sides. Your bestie will obviously jump to your defense, even if you beg her not to. Your ex's comrades will start giving you the cold shoulder in order to prove their loyalty.

And suddenly, your ex isn't the only one at the office that you're desperately trying to avoid. Can you say awkward?

5. You will probably be labeled as “unprofessional” by the powers that be.

Even if you refuse to cry at work, plaster on a perpetual fake smile and treat your ex like any other co-worker whom you haven't seen naked, the second your boss catches wind of your relationship and ensuing breakup, get ready for a stern (not to mention, humiliating AF) conversation about “keeping it professional.”

And after being forced to discuss your romantic history with your boss (gross), the only realistic option is to quit your job and join the Witness Protection Program, so you can kiss that 401k goodbye.

6. Work parties will feel like a dangerous game of tightrope.

What do you get when you take two exes, add a mandatory work event and multiply it by an open bar? A hot mess express, minus the hot.

Finding the balance between drinking enough to numb the awkwardness of your situation while not getting so tipsy that you have a blowup or a total public meltdown is no easy feat, and we wouldn't wish it on our worst enemy.

Also, seeing your ex all dressed up and looking good isn't exactly going to help you forget him or her.

7. You can't fully embrace your newfound single life.

Now that you're newly single, you'll (hopefully) be jumping back on the dating train relatively quickly.

But don't expect to be able to dish about last night's Tinder date disaster or the cutie whom your friend set you up with when you come into work — your ex will be eavesdropping. Trust us.

And forget about hitting the town with your work friends and mingling with the single professional crowd post-work. Even if your ex isn't present, you better believe that other people will be reporting your every move back to him or her. Talk about killing your vibe.

Working with your ex can really mess with your head, especially when your job is to stop an evil beast from ending the world. Just ask The Magicians' ex-lovers Alice and Quentin, whose love will haunt them big time this season. Season 2 premieres Wednesday, January 25 at 9/8c on Syfy. Don't miss it.