This Is Why You Should Stop Calling Every Guy Who Doesn't Like You A F*ckboy

by Alyssa Lynn
michela ravasio

The hookup culture we live in today, surrounded by the f*ckboy generation, can be frustrating, to say the least. Everyone is having sex with everyone. It's awesome and it's horrible all at the same time. Hooking up isn't necessarily gated by stereotypes or appearances as it may have been in the past. The idea of settling down freaks many (not all) Millennials out.

In a world where excessive drinking, frequent drug use and casual sex are considered the norm, heartbreak and misunderstandings grow and misinterpretation follows. You can think you are having an awesome time with someone and building a relationship, when in reality, you're just frequently getting drunk with the same person.

Think about it, just about anything or anyone can be fun with the right amount of booze. Don't even get me started with drunk texting. I wonder if I'll ever grow out of this humiliating habit. Probably not? It's a gamble and sometimes it works out. Sometimes you get laid. Sometimes drunk texting leads to drunk calling. Then you might forget how to count. Looking at the number of calls and/or texts the next morning is absolutely terrifying and will most likely ruin any chance of talking to that person again. After the nausea and anxiety passes, just laugh. It is also pretty hilarious.

Heartbreaks and misunderstandings led to the birth of the name "f*ckboy" and the "f*ckboy generation." Maybe he is a f*ckboy. But guess what? He still doesn't like you. Harsh, I know. But I'm right.

The definitions of a f*ckboy are endless. Assh*le, guy who broke your heart, heartless douchebag, guy who played you, guy who had sex with you and never talked to you again ... The descriptions go on and on. Although the general idea is the same, the f*ckboys who hurt us are unique and specific in their own f*ckboy way. We all have a different way to define what a f*ckboy means to us because there is usually one (almost always the first) guy that hurt us which led us to believe that any guy that doesn't return our feelings is a f*ckboy. This isn't necessarily true.

I am not saying there aren't f*ckboys out there. There are a number of guys out there that are so emotionally cut off that it doesn't matter how much time you spend together or how many times you have sex, they don't like you. If they did, they wouldn't stop talking to you out of nowhere. If they did, they wouldn't treat you like a stranger. If they did they wouldn't treat you like sh*t.

I am not condoning this behavior in any way. The point I am trying to make is, so what if he is a f*ckboy? Perhaps that is the truth but the one thing he has made abundantly clear is that he doesn't like you. You aren't going to change his mind. You aren't going to show him how wrong he was. A wise woman once said, "let that shit go."

F*ckboys have their own problems. Those problems are their problems, not yours. Focus more on yourself and how awesome it is when things are not complicated. If he wants to change someday that's great, hopefully he does but that is his journey. Focus on your journey.