Standing Social: Survival Of The Awkward


"Awkward" has become one of the most versatile words in the past year or so. This unique, dramatic and overall default choice of a word has proven itself to work in pretty much any situation.

Generally speaking, the word "awkward" has become a safety net for people to fall on when there is literally nowhere to go but... safety net. Recently I have noticed people turning their social media talk into technological talk ,which furthermore becomes their actual talk.

For example: Let's say it's your birthday and you want to tweet something like, “How good of a birthday you have is directly proportional to the number of old hookups who wish you a happy birthday. #5by12pm #notbad” (tweet credit: @kelly4shorr) Instead, you text that to your bestie who then responds to you, “Ugh that's #awkward, think my record was two by the end of the day.” Gosh, that is brutal...

Every now and then we come across phrases that are essentially overused to the point of no return. If you are unsure of what these phrases might be, just walk five to ten feet forwards and back on the main street of your college campus.

I can confidently promise that you will hear at least the following: “I am over it”; "That was underratedly the best night” ; or “It's just like whatever at this point." In defense of the overusage of common phrases crew, (wherever you might be) we are all guilty of it.

I have come to the realization that most people can find a comical regrouping method in the overusage of "awkward." That being said, I have decided to hand out the "well, that was awkward" pass for the following three situations. What does this mean? You now have granted permission to drop  a commonly overused phrase to escape a moment that you wish never happened. In other terms, that was just really awkward...

1. You ignored the text of someone who is now directly in front of your face.

Components of awkwardness: Many.

Some of them are fairly simple: Like you just forgot to answer or maybe you didn't check your phone -- ok, that's fair. Let's face it though, who doesn't check their phone at least every few minutes? You most likely clicked it to at least check the time, listen to pandora or check your snapchat.

Reality: You were avoiding this person, you honestly didn't care enough to respond or there was just literally nothing in it for you.

2. The shit talking text getting sent to the person you are talking shit about.

Components of awkwardness: More than many.

The worst part about sending a text to the wrong person is you most likely can't get out of it. Chances are you used their name or they know that you are pissed at them so the assumption that you are venting about them to your bestie is...likely.

Reality: You wind up looking completely insane or just extremely stupid when you try to cover up something so dramatically clear.

3. Running into your hook up buddy, that you have never had a sober interaction with...AT BREAKFAST. IN THE LIBRARY. ACROSS THE STREET. AT THE GYM. ETC.

Components of awkwardness: Unthinkable amounts.

It is unfortunate how big of an impact alcohol has on our systems after a certain time of day -- with the exception of day drinking events.

Reality: Once you create a drunken relationship with someone, it is very hard to transition into anything else. I would suggest optimism here with the idea that there is probably going to be a 70% chance of heavy discomfort and overall feeling of nausea. Unfortunately, the bacon, egg and cheese you're standing on line for won't even cure this...

There are many times in life where a scene is uncontrollable. I have found that sometimes calling yourself out is the only way to survive the situation and continue your day as planned. Look at your personal awkward moments and then compare them to your friends or even peers. You will most likely be able to say, “Holy shit, that is 10 times worse than what happened to me.”

So next time you and your friends run in to your hook up and his friends, at a normal yourself a favor and just Because honestly, that was just so f*cking awkward.

 MollyBSocial | Elite.