Standing Social: The Candid Camera


One of my closest friends lives and swears by the phrase, “I only regret the pictures I didn’t take.” I have also heard people say things like, “If there are no pictures there are no proof of the night.”

Personally I believe the best and most humorous excuse would have to be that they want to remember the night and relive all those oh so epic moments the next morning…but think for a second, do you really?

For anything to be relieved is like fighting against nature. God forbid you had a horrible night, I guarantee you the phrase, “But at least I got pictures of myself looking emo in the corner,” isn’t your next sentence…

On the contrary, I happen to be guilty of the Candid Camera conspiracy. I rarely do anything legitimate without the natural instinct of getting it on camera. Photos are a way to capture memories and save them for when it’s time to #tbt on instagram. Everybody loves a good tbt, right? I doubt anybody can remember what the world was like before we could reverse the cameras on our iphones.

How did people check themselves at any point of any day if they didn’t have a mirror? What did girls use as way to test if their guy really likes them? (Enough to be in that romantic selfie)?

Nowadays people are snap chatting in the middle of restaurants, in their car at a red light, on the treadmill at the gym, or even in class during that boring lecture? What’s worse than someone denying your selfie request? Getting CAUGHT in the corner of the library snap chatting whomever’s attention you are needing at that moment…

The life of a Candid Camera star is very simple. They know how to edit, crop, photoshop, change skin tones -- you name it, they can do it. It’s almost scary how easy it is -- for somebody with inborn editing talents -- to completely change the origin of a photo.

I also find it extremely impressive when somebody whose inhibitions have already been lessened actually edits their photo with their six iphone apps, while taking a shot with her best gal pal and pinning down her next victim. Multi-tasking doesn’t even do that situation justice.

The college atmosphere depicts many types of Candid Camera Controversies, to name my two favorites: Should you be doing something daring at a tailgate, perhaps you took the liberty of elevating yourself above human level at the bar, or even PDA’ing whomever got to your sloppiness first at whatever event you were currently at.

There is no way that you can escape a possible photo revealing the actions you purposely or accidentally look. Consider yourself lucky if it doesn’t go fbook tag on your drunk (but now hungover) ass….

For those who are in long distance relationships: DELETE YOUR FBOOK/ BLOCK YOUR PICTURES/ or give up now…because you will get tagged in a picture where you were laughing at a joke your buddy said, but the girl next to you was admiring you and smiling as well so…MIXUP: you guys are DL huh? Even if you aren’t -- the rumor is out.

Your morning will now consist of temporarily deactivating your Facebook. Reason? : Other. There is no button for tagged in a picture that looks like something it wasn’t, which would probably be a helpful button for people to have.

In conclusion, I would have to say that life is just as candid as the camera in front of it. If you aren’t embarrassed to get caught snap chatting (dolo) than you totally have the ability to stand behind your half opened eyes in your recently tagged photos. Less time for haters who wish they were in your most anticipated album and more time for selfies that accentuate your cheek bones…( KISS FACE!)

Xoxo, MollyBSocial