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These 10 Solo Travel Hookup Stories Are Actually Beyond Wild

For starters, there was an orgy with a pro sports team.

by Christina Huynh
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In a world full of adventures, it can be empowering to travel alone — and on your own terms. Whether you dream of soaking up the sun on some far-flung beach or want to try a croissant from every cute sidewalk cafe in Paris, chasing your wanderlust can be majorly satisfying. But there’s a difference between traveling alone and being alone.

Let’s say you hit it off with a local on a crowded dance floor in Amsterdam. Or perhaps you connect with a hostelmate while hiking a national park in Bangkok. Regardless of how casual hookups happen, they can still make your travel experience more insightful. “Like everything when we travel, hookup experiences are ways we explore new cultures and new people,” Beth Santos, founder and CEO of Wanderful, tells Elite Daily.

If you’re planning to scope out someone cute on your next vacation, you’re far from alone. A 2021 survey by the blog Solo Female Travelers found that 85% of Gen Z women travel alone to meet people.

While a travel hookup can be exciting, it’s important to consider safety. Kimberly Koehler, a dating and relationship coach and co-founder of Nomad Soulmates, a dating site for digital nomads, says part of making the experience enjoyable is thinking even before you begin your trip. She suggests you should ask yourself: “What do I need to feel secure? How will my friends know where I am? How do I ensure that I can get out of a situation if needed?”

So, as you pack your fifth (OK, maybe sixth) swimsuit for a steamy week in Cabo or your winter gear for a cozy ski trip in Banff, remember to bring what you need for a potential hookup. Santos encourages packing protection. In travel situations, you don’t have the knowledge of birth control options, she explains. “Take care of ‘future you’ now.”

Once you’re on your trip, you can both be safe — and have fun. Lily Heise, a romantic travel expert, says she looks for the liveliest bar to mingle. Just keep an eye on your drink, she recommends. For connections online, try to learn about the person before meeting. Ask for a link to one of their social channels, says Kelsey, a travel blogger who runs an Instagram called @sightsbetterseen. In scenarios where you change your mind, Heise suggests having a readymade excuse. Koehler adds that it’s crucial to be confident in knowing that you have the strength to say no. And listen to your gut. “If something feels off, it probably is,” Kelsey says.

Traveling solo allows you to create an experience that’s entirely yours. Maybe your goal is to backpack the Grand Canyon or visit museums in Cairo. If you happen to make a connection along the way, it’s key to be prepared. By keeping safety in mind, there’s a better chance that you’ll have a hookup that you enjoy — and remember long after the trip is over.

Ready to spice up your next trip? Take inspiration from these 10 solo travelers who stumbled into all sorts of frisky adventures, from a fling in a luxurious honeymoon suite to an orgy with pro athletes.

An Orgy In Belgium

“I was out in a club in Brussels, Belgium, and started dancing with this guy. His friend was dancing with another girl. Next thing I know, they were switching places.

They asked me and this girl if we wanted to go home with them, and we said yes. In the cab over, they kept telling us they’re part of the Georgia rugby team, but we didn’t believe them. We got back to their hotel and realized two of their friends were there, also with girls, all in the same suite. This turned into the first ever orgy I attended. In the morning, I Googled them and found they were, in fact, members of the team.”

— Meg*, 25, Illinois

A Honeymoon Suite In Bali

“I was traveling in Ubud when I got dinner with a Tinder match. It came up that he was supposed to propose to his girlfriend on the trip, but they broke up a few weeks before, and he came as a distraction.

The next day, he texted me that I should come to his fancy hotel. So, I went over, and his room had ‘congratulations’ messages and flowers everywhere, since the hotel thought they were hosting an engaged couple. We started hooking up, but I pumped the brakes because the rose petals and Champagne glasses reminded me I’m an absolute rebound.

We went to eat, and he started asking for advice on how to win his ex back. We said goodbye and never spoke again.”

— Audrey*, 28, Illinois

Couch-Surfing In Denmark

“I was traveling in Copenhagen and needed a place to crash for the night. There’s an app for couch-surfing, and the person I connected with was a college dude. I got off the flight and went to the guy’s place, and his sister was visiting from Spain. She was staying in another room and ended up inviting me to hers that night.”

— Min*, 27, Virginia

Three Friends In Mexico

“I was traveling in Isla Mujeres and met my local friend, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s best friends. I hooked up with the group of best friends on separate days. All three knew — I expected one of the hookups but the other two were a surprise.

Friday started with Tate*, which was random because we were going to order food in my hotel room and before you know it, we’re having sex. The next day, I had sex with the second friend, Avery*, for hours. On the last night, I hooked up with the third friend, Mia*. It was a great experience and I wish they would’ve been down to do it all together.”

— Camila*, 28, Texas

Stargazing In The Sahara Desert

“I was traveling throughout Morocco and spent a few nights in the Sahara desert. It was my first time seeing the Milky Way, and I was mesmerized by the view. A local guide journeyed away from the group and we laid on the dunes for hours. Although we didn't go all the way, it stands out as one of my most vivid memories because it was so romantic with the views.”

— Zuri*, 24, Arkansas

A Bar Restroom Encounter In Miami

“I was out in Miami and knocked on the restroom door at a bar. A girl opened it and pulled me in. I was surprised since I had never seen her before. Without a word, we made out. We then left and proceeded to hook up in the bushes before going our separate ways.”

— Emily*, 26, Louisiana

A Harbor Hookup In Croatia

“I was traveling in Croatia and staying with a local friend. One night, we went to a bar and a guy came up to me. My friend had also met someone, so we decided to meet up later since she had the only key to our place. I continued the night, and the guy ended up booking a hotel for us.

When we went to check in, we were told the hotel was closed. We decided to go down the street and hooked up at the harbor, out in the open. I went home afterward, but my friend was still out, so I had to wait outside our place for hours.”

— Anastasia*, 31, Michigan

Bite Marks In Chicago

“I was traveling to Chicago for a musical festival. On my last night, I met a Tinder match at a bar. We began making out, but she started biting my lips aggressively — I was even bleeding a bit.

We ended up having sex at her place, but I had bite marks throughout my arms, legs, and other places. She also wanted to cuddle after, but I had a plane to catch, so I told her I had to get home.”

— Aniyah*, 23, Oregon

A Threesome In Senegal

“I was traveling to Dakar and met my main squeeze at a party. When I asked him if he would engage in a threesome with his friend, whom I had met at a bar, he expressed that he would ask him. When I got into the back of his car, he drove us to the bench across from a mosque, and I had a wonderful time with both of them.”

— Joy*, 31, Texas

Multiple Connections In Colombia

“I was traveling in Medellín and pay for Bumble Premium, so I can start swiping in a city before I get there. Usually when I land, I already have dates set up. Two of my hookups happened in a private hostel room, and one was her apartment. The main thing is that we stay in touch via Instagram. It’s happened that I end up in a similar city as some of these girls and we hook up again.”

— Anam*, 27, New York

*Name has been changed.