Society's Most Hated Men

Men are better than women in a lot of ways. They’re easier to get along with, they don’t care about drama, they’re fun to hang out with, they can fix your car, they can make you laugh, they can take you to football games, they can buy you alcohol and the list goes on.

But as with everything else, there’s both the good and the bad. And although men are the superior gender, some types of men are worse than the worst types of women.

The guy who thinks he’s hot shit It’s more common to find an attractive guy than an attractive girl, so the chances of you being a good looking guy are high. It’s great that you were blessed genetically. But trust me: while I love looking at you, there is no greater turn off than a guy who realizes that he’s good looking and cannot stop staring at himself in the mirror. How are you going to pay attention to me, when you’re only paying attention to yourself?

This is the guy who has a picture taken in a group of eight of his guy friends and crops out just himself and makes it his profile picture because he’s posing like it was for the cover of GQ. This is the guy who lifts in front of the mirror at the gym and stops after every set to take a lap around the floor, glancing at his reflection out of the corner of his eye. This is the guy who points at the camera with his one hand, while holding his vodka cranberry in the other.

And god forbid you call this guy out on thinking that he’s a chiseled Greek sculpture, he will immediately fire back with, “Quit hating on me, bro.” No one is “hating on you, bro,” everyone simply just hates you. There is a huge difference.

The guy who thinks he knows everything


Whatever happened today in the world of sports, the news, the entertainment industry, this guy heard it first. Trust me, you heard it from him. Have an opinion on something? Nope, you’re wrong. His opinion is fifty times better, and more accurate.

This guy tries very hard to talk as loudly as he possibly can, because he believes that that will make everyone listen to what he has to say, and believe it. And even if this guy is completely wrong in whatever he’s claiming is right, he’ll do everything in his power to assure you that he is in fact right.

He’ll tell a blatant lie just to get his point across. "Okay, sure, I give up; I’ll humor you and let you think that you know more about me."

The guy who dresses like he’s fifteen This is the guy who hasn’t gone shopping since he graduated high school. He still wears that Tap Out shirt that his mom bought for him at Pac Sun four years ago.

He wears cargo shorts instead of jeans and rocks the Hollister sweatshirt like it’s nobodies business. He also thinks that he has a pretty good chance of getting with that hot girl in the bar dressed like this.

The guy who thinks he’s a rapper


This is the guy who is of Irish decent, listens to intense rap music (which has inspired him to sell ten grams of weed a week) and tries to incorporate slang into every sentence. He’s always talking about how his neighborhood is a war zone, how he has so much money, and how “fiends” keep blowing up his phone for drugs.

But he lives in a middle class suburban neighborhood and he can’t answer his phone right now because he’s currently sitting down for a homemade meal that his mother made him. He cites vintage rappers like Biggie and Tupac as his daily inspirations, but he represents himself more like Mac Miller by wearing crew cut sweatshirts and snapbacks on a daily basis.

The frat guy


Don’t get me wrong, I think the actual true meaning of a fraternity and being a member of a fraternity is great. But lately, guys in fraternities have been ruining this reputation.  The frat guys I hate are the ones who live to drink and get with as many girls (only in sororities) as possible. These guys go on and actually try to live out every single post in real life.

These are the guys who take hazing way too seriously and call every person they think is below them a “pledge.” They try to dress in a way that says Ralph Lauren meets lax bro, but they haven’t gotten the memo that wearing Sperry’s, high socks, khaki shorts, a pastel wrinkled button down (with last night’s Jack Daniels spilled down the front), and a backwards Vineyard Vines hat covering their flow makes you look like you’re still in high school.

They’ll out smoke you, and they’ll out drink you, and they’ll bullshit all of their classes, but don’t tell their dads because then they may cut off their trust funds.

The promoter


This one should be self explanatory but as we all know everyone hates promoters. Not all promoters, were talking about maybe 75% of them. They are sketchy, shady and an unimportant factor of life. No promoter ever likes to admit he promotes that how embarrassed they are with their job title and that is how bad the rep has been for promoters.

Their annoying with their mass text messages to come out with them and drink cheap vodka out of a plastic cup in what they call a "VIP area". Which only leads to severe stomach aches in the morning. Not only that but many girls have shied away from hanging out with promoters because it labels the girls terribly as well.


Photo Credit: Getty Images