6 Thoughts You Have When You Fall In Love For The First Time

by Kara Perez
Warner Bros.

Being in love for the first time can best be described as a rush.

A rush of emotions, a rush of exciting dates, a rush of intense thoughts about another person. When you fall in deep, you basically become obsessed with your partner. You're a willing and welcome stalker, and it's a beautiful thing.

I can say from experience it's quite the trip. Love is amazing! The first time you experience it your brain will go rogue on you. You'll spend hours pouring over thoughts you've literally never had before.

Musicals make sense. You want to reenact the "If you're a bird, I'm a bird" scene from "The Notebook." Your body and brain are constantly attuned to the fact there's another person out there in the world you want to be around all the time.

Like I said, it's a rush. Here are some basic thought-spirals first timers will definitely go through.

Would it be weird if we got married tomorrow?

We're perfect together. We both like putting ketchup on our mac and cheese, and we finish each other's sentences. My parents would welcome this, I'm sure of it.

We're in LOVE. We can pull together a wedding in the next week. Is that weird? Is that too fast? I think our first dance should be Frank Ocean. He understands love like ours.

I can't believe this rockstar/sex god likes ME.

How did I find the sexiest, smartest, funniest person in the world? How does this person like me? It's like he/she don't even care I'm a total idiot. I don't even know the last time I did laundry, and this absolute angel is hanging out with me.

I hope I sound smart when I say things, too. We're the best couple in the world. Damn, I am truly #blessed. Suck it, Brangelina.

I'm totally obsessed with you, and I don't care.

God, I like you SO MUCH. My new hobby is thinking about you, and I don't even care! Work is unimportant. Focusing on driving is a hindrance. I wonder what he/she is doing right now.

I'm going to spend the next hour re-reading texts we've already sent to each other. Then I'm going to think of that funny thing he/she said last week. After that, I'll remember how much I love it when we kiss.

God, I love touching you.

Your body is AWESOME. Holding hands? AWESOME. Thighs touching on the subway? AWESOME.

I want to run my hands over every part of your body. I get actual tingles when you touch me. Your elbow is a monument to perfection. Let's put our hands all over each other for the next 10 hours.

Why do I ever leave this person?

Why does the outside world even bother to exist? I'm literally offended by the fact work still wants me to show up. Every moment we're apart is a tragedy. It's a waste of time.

Doesn't the world understand when we're together, magic happens? Floods subside. Babies stop crying. Angels get their wings. Why do I spend time with anyone else, ever?

Isn't it cute you leave your clothes on the floor and don't own a pair of scissors?

You're so cute. Everything you do is wrapped up in cuteness. I don't even mind I have to bring my own scissors over. You're the best. I just want to touch you. I like you so much.

Love is a magical, wonderful thing. Just let it wrap itself around your entire life. Let it soak into every part of your existence. Don't worry about the fact you've totally lost your chill and control over your brain.

It's fine. It's love!