Here's Where Single People Should Move If They're Looking For A Relationship

If you're single like me, you might be interested in hearing this information.

Apparently, single Americans are each looking for different things depending on where they live in the US. These different things range from casually hooking up to dating interracially, to seriously dating, to even not dating at all.

That's the thing about dating these days: It isn't as easy as just finding someone you like, and being single doesn't necessarily mean you're looking for a serious relationship.

Take a look at this infographic:


Some bits from this infographic don't surprise me, like the fact there are primarily Christian daters in Alaska and single fitness fanatics in Miami.

But, there are some bits that kind of just knock me off my feet. Like, I'd never think singles were looking for gym rats in North Dakota. (Actually, now that I think about it, there probably isn't anything better to do in North Dakota than go to the gym.)

I also wouldn't think a state as random as Delaware is prime for lesbian relationships, despite it being on the liberal East Coast.

And as for the deep Southern state of Alabama, it looks like men and women are dating interracially, specifically white men and black women. Oh, and Montana is apparently into BDSM. (Again, I'm going to go with the theory here there isn't much else to do in Montana. If you're looking to fly your freak flag without judgment, consider moving there.)

I live in New York and have been in quite a few interracial relationships, so it makes sense singles are looking for that in perhaps the most diverse city in the country.

But, I've always wanted to expand my horizons as a single girl and see if my perspective on the dating scene would change if I picked up and moved across the country. It looks like I can use this is as a guide if I ever decide to do just that.

What's the takeaway? If you're looking for "the one" and aren't having luck where you are, you should probably just move to LA.

Oh, and steer clear of Houston, unless you want to be wooed by the ever-so-chivalrous method of Netflix and chill.