Adrian Cotiga

9 Crazy Things Single Girls Are Already Doing To Plan For Their Weddings


A lot of us will nonchalantly admit that we started planning our wedding long before we even knew the truth about true love. It all started back when we played with Barbies and spent Saturday mornings with a juice box and our favorite cartoons on TV.

But as we got older, it became clear that planning a wedding, without a spouse in the picture, became almost taboo. It became something, that if we did do it, we never admitted. People would probably tell us to take that free time and invest it in something more practical, like dating, or a hobby where we could meet a potential suitor.

The truth is, no matter how single we are, we all think about how we'd like our wedding to be one day. Take a look at these nine single girls who admit the secret ways they have already started planning their future big day:

1. "I stole my married friend's wedding planning book."

– Lani H., 24

2. "I have 20 wedding Pinterest boards."

– Kylie G., 26

3. "I already bought my wedding dress."

– Vivi J., 30

4. "I have a folder on my desktop."

– Beth-Anne M., 29

5. "I designed my wedding invitations."

– Dani P., 30

6. "I've taken myself ring shopping."

– Jessica J., 27

7. "I picked out my bridesmaids."

– Kimmy W., 28

8. "I've narrowed it down to three venues."

– Colletee M., 25

9. "I've already started saving."

– Kelley A., 23