Not Ready For Closure: 23 Signs You're Still In Love With Your Ex

by Brianna Ciocca

We've all been in the post-breakup limbo phase, where you feel like you'll never be whole again without that person in your life.

There's a hole in your chest where the one person you thought was always going to be there for you, and it leaves you heartbroken and searching your memories for reasons as to why.

There's nothing you can do to bring this person back, even if you desperately wish there was.

He or she has clearly moved on with his or her life, but your world remains shattered.

You know you need to continue on, but certain thoughts of false hope remain in the back of your mind.

You can tell yourself over and over again you're ready to move on, but here are some signs you're still into your former significant other:

1. You still want your ex in your life.

You want your ex to play a significant role in your world, even though he or she walked out of it.

2. You think you'll one day be together.

You find yourself holding on to a sense of false hope that one day, you’ll get back together.

3. Movies remind you of your ex.

Every time you watch a sappy rom-com, you instantly think of your ex.

4. You're jealous of couples.

You can’t watch couples hold hands without getting jealous.

5. You compare everyone to your ex.

Every time you’re at a party and someone new approaches, you immediately compare him or her to your ex.

You think this person could never possibly fill that immense void.

6. Your ex is dating someone new, and you're stilling hung up on him or her.

Your ex has a new significant other and has clearly moved on, and you're still waiting to wake up from the nightmare.

When thinking about his or her new significant other, you can’t escape the jealous rage that overtakes you.

7. You CONSTANTLY CHECK your ex on social media.

Every time you go on social media, you immediately check his or her page for new developments and whether or not his or her relationship status has changed.

You look at pictures of the new person in your ex's life, and you immediately wonder what he or she has that you don’t.

8. You get emotional when you're around something that reminds you of your ex.

Every time you go to a place where you two used to hangout, you feel a twinge of pain or sadness.

Every time a song comes on the radio that you two used to listen to, you have to fight back tears or prevent your mind from wandering to the amazing memories.

9. Your ex is still always on your mind.

He or she is the last person you think about before you fall asleep, and the first person you think about when you wake up in the morning.

You say his or her name more times a day than you say your own.

10. Your ex is still the first person you want to share THINGS with.

You can’t wait to tell your ex about all the exciting things happening in your life, even though he or she probably no longer cares.

11. You're not ready to date someone new.

You're uninterested in moving on because your ex stole your heart.

You prevent yourself from starting new relationships because you’re consumed by the love you still feel for him or her.

12. You still wonder if you two have a future.

You can’t stop wondering if you’ll ever end up together in the future, and maybe your breakup was just a rough patch.

13. You still care about what your ex thinks.

Before starting a new project or adventure, you wonder if he or she would approve.

14. You miss the undeniable chemistry.

You still miss the sparks you felt every time your lips met his or hers.

15. You miss being just being around your ex.

You crave your ex's company, even though your ex made it clear he or she no longer enjoys yours.

You can’t stop your mind from wandering to all of the nights spent wrapped in his or her arms and how safe and at home you felt.

16. Whenever you're around your ex, you go nuts.

If you decided to try to remain friends, your heart skips a beat every time you’re with him or her.

17. You wonder if you'll ever find that same happiness.

You look through all of the old pictures you took together and think you’ll never be that happy again.

18. You still cry thinking about your ex.

You’ve cried at least once in the past month, wishing he or she was still by your side.

19. You question why you broke up.

You wonder if he or she really lost feelings for you, or if he or she is simply suppressing them for unknown reasons.

20. You overanalyze everything you did

You replay the breakup over and over again in your mind, wondering where things fell apart.

You eventually drive yourself crazy because you can’t find the answer.

You can’t stop re-reading through your old text messages to prove to yourself you once meant something to him or her, and you didn’t just imagine it.

21. You still talk about your ex with your friends.

You still gossip with your friends about all of the good times you two shared, even though you know those times are now forever in the past.

22. Your ex's smile brightens you up.

The thought of his or her smile can brighten even your darkest days.

23. You consider the time of your relationship "the good ol' days."

You miss your ex and long for the days when he or she was yours.