5 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Probably Cheating On You

by Justin Stenstrom

When it comes to women and relationships, it’s very important to always question whether or not you are both truly happy.

If you don’t, years can slip by in an instant, and you can wake up next to someone you don’t know or worse, someone you hate.

But before this ever happens, there will be signs that things have gone awry.

Take cheating, for instance.

Cheating happens in relationships for one reason and one reason only: Someone in the relationship is not quite happy being with just his or her partner.

If a partner isn’t satisfied, he or she will look elsewhere for fulfillment.

If this happens, it’s time to move on.

But how do you know if it’s gotten to that point?

How can you spot someone, especially someone you love, cheating on you with someone else?

Here are five signs your woman may be cheating on you:

1. She puts a lock on her phone.

Women who don’t already have locks on their phones do not suddenly need locks on their phones after being with you for a period of time.

If your lady puts a restriction on who can and cannot see her phone (i.e. you), there could be a big problem here.

2. She stops saying, “I love you.”

Women who are happy love telling others they are happy.

So if we’re doing something wrong, they have no qualms about letting us know.

If we’re doing things right, they also love to let us know.

If you haven’t heard, “I love you” coming out of her mouth in a long time, something is very wrong.

If she loves you, she’ll most certainly tell you quite regularly.

If she doesn’t anymore, then well, it might be a little harder for her to express that she’s been going elsewhere for companionship.

3. She deletes messages.

If — for whatever reason — you catch her deleting messages, you should question her immediately about this.

There is really no reason for your girlfriend or wife to be deleting messages, other than she’s hiding something from you.

A woman who deletes messages is a woman who is keeping something from her man.

4. She spends more time with friends.

If long gone are the days when she loved spending time with you, she may be spending it with some other man.

If she spends more and more time with her “friends,” or she seems to be going out on Friday or Saturday night frequently with her “friends,” something may be up.

Women don’t just suddenly decide to go out more and more with friends and spend less and less time with their spouses.

This is very rare.

Instead, it’s very likely there could be someone else in the picture.

5. You have much less sex (if any).

Look, I understand the longer a man and woman are in a relationship, the less sex they have over time.

This rate historically and gradually goes down over time.

This is very common and perfectly healthy in my opinion.

But if sex has dropped exponentially from what the normal rate was, there is probably a major issue.

Either she has a medical problem, she’s not into you anymore, she’s holding a grudge or she’s seeing someone else behind your back.

This article isn’t an exposé into the paranoid mind of men.

I don’t mean to alarm anyone or scare anyone.

Honestly, if a few of these examples are currently happening to you, it may just be a coincidence, or there may actually be an honest reason behind it.

But either way, take a deeper look into your relationship and find out for sure.

These examples are a guideline for any man questioning his current relationship and even considering the thought his woman is already cheating on him.

If that thought is already in your head, read over this list and put the pieces together.

You deserve to be happy today.

Stop living in doubt, and don’t brush off your feelings.

If you do, you'll wake up miserable one day years from now next to someone you don’t know and don’t love.

If you have any more examples of signs your woman or man may be cheating, please share them below.